How long between updates?

Yes… EndeavourOs is amazing.

The reason I am replying now, I got sick of the “other Linux” installed on my other laptop (which I am using as my personal cloud through resilio sync). I had this other Linux because it is an LTS, and that laptop will be on a shelf somewhere… so I would not be updating daily as I do on EOS.

As I read in other posts it is not really OK to delay updates for so long. But your OP @MrToddarama sounds attractive and suits my case (about 2 months then updated).

I really didn’t feel OK running another distro, that’s why I think of reinstalling EOS on that laptop.

So, my question to the experts with EOS and experts with delayed updates, if I reach to that laptop say every 30 - 35 days and update/upgrade, would I be OK and safe? I don’t mind doing as @MrToddarama did and run yay -Syu 2 or 3 times and even reboot 2 or 3 times every month!
(a rolling release might be even better for such use case IF it would be possible to update once a month. If monthly is not OK what would you recommend?)
What if I used something like “Team Viewer” to access and update, would it be OK not to reboot if required and carry on updating till the end of the month?

Sorry if this sounds silly, but you know my use case for that laptop and I better hear from the experts.


After that, @fbodymechanic recommended this :

Yes, but this thread is mainly about maintenance, and he says that user should update once notified (which I don’t really want to do in this use case).

Maybe “Team Viewer” can help in case updating once a month is not safe.

I don’t think it’s a good idea to delay reboot, specially if there were kernel updates.

I guess the best bet to avoid any possible issues is to update and reboot twice a month.

This great reply would be helpful on a new topic!

OK! Noted.

Well… this would be OK with me.
Finally I will be back home (again) to my beloved EndeavourOS.
(distrohoped again for a few hours/ a few distros… could not digest any)

I think updating/rebooting every 2 weeks is OK for this use case, I will never need to reinstall anything again…
Thank you very much @Triby for the advice.

I second the comment on not putting off a reboot when required by updates you’ve applied. I would think you could pretty reasonably update (and reboot if recommended) every other week without running into issues.

Another one

I did? I don’t think I said that about anything other than pacnew/save files.

I don’t use or recommend a notifier. It’s Arch, there’s always updates.

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Somewhere between twice a day and once in 2 weeks. More than twice a day and you are hammering Arch servers for no reason. Wait more than 2 weeks and pacman is telling you it has a conflict it can’t solve and/or keyring is invalid. Usually such problems are trivial to solve but better avoid than face them.


Thanks @MrToddarama this is what @Triby and @mrvictory recommended as well.

I will be doing this.

Like I said before, when it comes to updates, anything between multiple times a day and once every six months should be fine. The longer you wait, the more manual intervention may be necessary.

Regarding reboot: Consider any update to be complete only on reboot.

That said, it is not absolutely necessary to always reboot after an update, even if it is a kernel update.

Currently running processes continue to run while their packages are updated on the storage devices – after the update, the old versions are still loaded in memory, until reboot. So before you reboot, you’re in some sort of a partial update situation then, the newly updated software is built to work with the new versions of all other packages. So you may experience errors, like audio not working until you reboot. In that case, a reboot will solve all such problems. That’s why it is recommended to reboot, but if it is particularly inconvenient to do it, and everything seems to be working fine, it is perfectly okay to delay it.


How about fraction of millisecond?!



That’s exactly what I told my ISP, when I requested a faster download speed. Alas, my request was not fulfilled. “But you don’t understand, I need to be up to date!” Nope.

Now I can only update every 10 seconds or so.

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I see my commonsense and ABCs I know are still valid!
I personally tend to reboot whenever something gets updated even if not required. Sometimes I skip a reboot or two… then reboot… just commonsense guides me not real knowledge to be honest!