How long between updates?

Curious to hear from a few folks with stories of how long you’ve waited between applying updates via pacman (or your tool of choice)?

I have to admit that I am a habitual update addict habitually running yay several times a day. However… I do have a spare laptop that typically sits on a shelf unless I have a need to try something outrageous or if I have significant issues with one of my daily driver laptops. So today I realized that I’ve had that backup machine sitting on the shelf since March 27th.

Round 1 - I plugged that thing in, booted up and ran yay … I just kept hitting return accepting default values to all prompts and … the update failed on a key issue…

Round 2 - so … since running yay failed I did the only logical thing … and just ran it again … and …
everything updated nicely.

A huge testament to how robust EndeavourOS/ArchLinux are!


On my laptop



sudo pacman -Syu

several times a day. Many times… :sweat_smile:

On a desktop install, I guess the longest period of time without updating was about 40-45 days.
I did the updates by “hopps and jerks” ca 10 days at a time via Archlinux archive:

A bit tedious of a procedure one might thing but I wanted to be cautious not breaking anything with loads of packages to be updated.


Yes, that’s probably how I’ll feel at some point. I now also have a “spare laptop” on the shelf. I have resolved to update it every Friday, but that is also just a good resolution. Things that you rarely use are quickly neglected. But it’s good to hear that EOS is so robust.

On my “main computer” I also check several times a day for updates.

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I update my desktop and laptop at least once a day maybe more if I get an EOS update notification, but only update my kid’s laptop once a week(I have a calendar notification to remind me)

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good idea - check :ok_hand:t2:

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If I don’t remind my self, I would forget to ever update it because I never mess with it unless the kids ask me to fix something on it or add a game to it or something like that. I actually hate having to mess with it because they lost the red nub (it’s a ThinkPad like my own) and somehow ripped out 2 keyboard keys, so you have to either hook up an external keyboard (what I usually do and a mouse) or press the contact pad with my finger to use those 2 letters.


I went over 4 months I think it was in 2020, and then 6 months last year on the same install to see what would happen.

Other than needing to sort pacdiff files and update the keyring it went swimmingly.


When I hear something like this, I always wonder why Manjaro often has problems after updates, even though the delay is only 2 weeks. Strange …

sorry for offtopic :innocent:

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Does that much duration gap cause any difficulties while updating ?

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It wasn’t as easy as daily updates but I did only do it once comparatively. I went thru packages that has been replaced. I had to change some file dependencies. It wouldn’t update initially until I did the keyring by itself first. But I had to do a number of things I would have had to slowly all at once. But it wasn’t massively different than normal upkeep and it didn’t set my computer on fire or anything.


I want to bring up an example.
As I am student, we receive vacations according to weathers. Suppose that if I went to my native village for about 20-30 days, then will it be troublesome for me if I try to update after returning back ?

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I think some of the problem, at least in my understanding, has to do with people adding AUR packages to Manjaro and those AUR packages expect arch versions of packages instead of the older ones on Manjaro. That or maybe they held back package a that relied on a version of package b but package b is on a newer version because they didn’t hold it back.


i didnt know about checkupdates. thanks! makes things easier
(im quite new to the arch world)


Hmm, that sounds plausible. In any case, in the 1.5 years I’ve been using EOS, I’ve observed much greater stability. :+1:t2:

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My prime partner, lovely by all means, but computer maintenance is’nt her thing. There has been two insances when she forgot to update for 3 - 4 weeks, and now lastly for five weeks.

I don’t know if it was shear luck on her behalf as there were no major problems updating but, as fbodymechanic says, run a keyring update before anything else,


My recommendations.


Just thought I would point out that eos-shifttime makes the hops much easier on you! :grin: I use that on my mirror server all the time to stay 1 week behind current to allow time for fixes ‘just in case’ - but it also works great if some of my multi-builds get left off the update bandwagon for a while…


Here’s a fancy version of the checkupdates functionality you can keep handy in your .bashrc file:


One thing you could do with the shelf machine is use command


which should automatically take care of updating the Arch keyring before other packages.

But to enable that automatic feature, edit file


and set this value:


Of course you can use this command on other machines as well. :wink:


About once a day occasionally I leave it a few days when my data is running low

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