Houston, We Have A Mozilla Problem. They Killed Off Their Threat Management Team

This is kind of a shocker. :upside_down_face: Mozilla without detection and incident response?

Read post here.


most of the posts about this are removed from websides…

Oh look, a project which has switched focus away from FOSS towards commercial interests… :roll_eyes:

On the plus side, the team are already getting job offers from other companies.


:rofl: Where have I seen this before? Hmmmm… :thinking:


New focus on economics . Recognizing that the old model where everything was free has consequences, means we must explore a range of different business opportunities and alternate value exchanges. How can we lead towards business models that honor and protect people while creating opportunities for our business to thrive? How can we, or others who want a better internet, or those who feel like a different balance should exist between social and public benefit and private profit offer an alternative? We need to identify those people and join them. We must learn and expand different ways to support ourselves and build a business that isn’t what we see today.

not very clear on that " New focus on economics"


I don’t know how long I can stay loyal to the Fox, I’ve been with it since v.0.9.xx, but at some point it’s the end of the line …

Here is a link from heise.de (only german):


OT.: how does Chromium deal with HiDPI?

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I don’t use Chromium directly, but I suspect that this:


works on any of the family of browsers (I use it on Brave at the moment). For some reason they seem to ignore outside influences! :grin:

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The ‘alternate value exchanges’ …and hit the pause button. Let me change into my vague button-down and corporate slacks to continue.

I really like the Fox but this is bathed in corporate-leaning PR speak. I hate uncertainty.




I guess there is always ungoogled chromium.
But FF is still my favorite.


Yeah, that looks like trend for 2020…Qt, Manjaro, Firefox :frowning:
I don’t want to loose Firefox, i love it!


That blog post looks like it was written by some character in the Dilbert comic. :roll_eyes:


truly :sweat_smile:


This most likely includes a bigger focus on Mozilla’s VPN offering, which Mozilla formally launched last month. Virtual Private Network (VPN) apps are one of today’s biggest money-makers in tech, and Mozilla, despite arriving late to the party, is set to become one of the biggest players on the market, primarily due to its reputation as a privacy-first organization and civil and privacy rights advocate.

I personally use Vivaldi, ungoogled chromium with built-in adblocker and tracker blocker. It’s a great feature since website don’t detect it as it is not an extension, you don’t get the following: “Disable your adblocker to visit this website”.


There is no good takeaway from this as it reads. I still can’t get past the statement of everything that was free had consequences. Excuse me, while I … :face_vomiting:


Vivaldi is not the same with ungoogled chromium, nor is brave.


No :fire: :fox_face: without G :eyes: gle’s :moneybag: ?


… with other browsers adopting Chrome’s Chromium engine, Google may want to keep Firefox alive as a competitor to avoid yet more abuse-of-market-dominance complaints



I don’t want to contribute to chromium web dominance, so what’s a person to do when they want a browser that gets updated regularly but isn’t google based?

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