Hi everyone, pleased to find you!

Hello folks.
Yesterday I installed EndeavourOS (KDE Plasma) on a laptop of mine, so I thought I would join the forum. I like the emphasis on community as well as the technical aspects. It’s good to have a friendly online place to hang out and join in.

I had originally installed pure Arch on that laptop which was fine but the forum isn’t very inviting as you’re only supposed to post very serious and concise things (!). So I figured that Endeavour is running straight off the Arch repos anyway AND has a community. Win win all round!

I also have a Desktop running Manjaro XFCE and a MacBook running MacOS, which are both fine. The Mac has some applications I still need to use occasionally but it’s a bit out of date due to Apple’s update cycles. Manjaro is OK, been there for 7 years (Linux for 10) but the laptop didn’t run well with it. On Arch and Endeavour it’s running great, so I’m staying here!

I don’t really mind what people are running. It’s great we have the choice. Am I scared of the terminal? Nah, love it! :grin:


Welcome aboard!


Thanks! I’m looking forward to the voyage :wink:

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Glad to have you aboard! We are in the process of going planetary so hang on to your keyboard & mouse. Arm is about to take hold! :wink:

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Welcome to the community :beers:

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Gidday bro :smiley:

All craft ok, standby for liftoff.

Here at Endeavour we take you by the Arm! :smile:

EndeavourOS Arm Sept 19/20

Welcome, I too run xfce … remember ya from Manjaro as well. Stay well and
Happy trails…

Welcome to the fun :balloon: :tada:

We really need a :groan: emoji :laughing:

Thank you everyone for your warm welcome :smile:

welcome here and I wish a good wind on the sails! :enos:

Welcome!!! :wave:

Welcome! :slight_smile:
Don’t forget to have fun! :partying_face:

Welcome to this very friendly community.

Welcome Wordler to the World of Endeavour :grin:

Thanks everyone. I’ve marked @Janinah 's reply as a solution so this thread can be closed (?). It seems to be taking up a lot of time on the “Latest” section. I reckon it’s done it’s time now! :wink:

Thanks again :smiley:

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