Hey guys~ greetings from germany

I’m Daniel, 19 years old. I’ll be 20 by the 12th January.
Just wanted to say hi to some fellow eos enjoyers. It’s been a month since I switched from Windows and 3 weeks since I wiped my Windows because I got mad at it from having a course about Windows Server 2019 lmao. Switching was probably the best thing I did this year, I really don’t miss my laggy rhythm game experience with unstable inputlag. Now that I’ve mentioned it > are there any other rhythm gamers in this forum? Which ones are you playing. For the non rhythm gamers here, which games do you play?


Welcome! :wave:

Cheers! :beers:

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Welcome to the forum @Fletscher :balloon::tada:


THAT’s the spirit! :+1:
Welcome aboard / Never go back! :rocket:

On games you can find a lot of stuff people are playing here

Personally i’m mostly into: Hitman, GTA, Dishonored, Cysis (original), Deus Ex, Batman Arkham *whatever, Mafia (original)…stuff like that :partying_face:

And occasionally some SEGA / NES emualtors :upside_down_face:


Been trying some ps2 games on pcsx2 out of nostalgia, stuff like tony hawk or sonic riders which I’ve been playing 10 years ago. Games of my childhood have certainly aged but they’re still enjoyable.

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Tony Hawk 1-2 was remastered for PC btw, not bad looking i’d say

I’ve played 4 on PlayStation back in a day, pretty cool, and great soundtrack :upside_down_face:

Welcome to the community, enjoy and have fun! :rocketa:

Welcome welcome!

That’s make me sad and enraged every time I’d to use it at work!

Welcome! Much like you, I do not miss Windows one bit. EnOS is wonderful :enos_flag: :heart:. As for rhythm games, I quite like Osu! on Linux, and D4DJ on Android. I’m also looking forward to Project Sekai, which will receive EN localization later this year.

Lets gooo another osu player. The osu experience on Linux is just so much more enjoyable. Wanna mutual? We could hook up for some multiplayer occasionally.

Edit: I’m more of a osu!std player, as for vsrg’s I prefer etterna over osu!mania

I haven’t installed Osu yet (new machine), but when I get around to doing that we can play.

Have you been running lazer? Or did you install stable?
I’m running stable but standalone. I have a somewhat well documented arch wiki page which I’ve been using if you’re interested.