Help needed with creating similar app

Hi guys,

I am the Developer behind XeroLinux and I am trying to create my own app for Live environment and post install similar to EOS…

Only mine will be much simpler. I have already created one but it sucks Donkey cojones…

I am but a padawan learner. I don’t even know how to put buttons side by side. I need some guidance… Please…

Thanks to whoever can help make my apps better…


Just take the source code of the EndeavourOS Welcome app and go through it. All of its secrets are within, just waiting for you to figure them out.

If I understood half of them I wouldn’t be asking. I grabbed it but I couldn’t make out 99% of it… Sorry as I said am but a n00b

Maybe this will help:

Nothing about buttons side by side… And tabs etc,., I don’t understand … My human CPU aka brain is melting…

Thanks for the help though

You’re going to have to invest some time and effort to understand it. Don’t expect to figure it out instantly.

Start with simpler examples, and move on to the more complex ones. After a couple of days of playing with it, you’ll get the hang of it.

All it takes is some persistence. Don’t give up!

Stay hydrated! :frog:

I been at it for 3 months so patience I have… I been using my app adding buttons one under the other always thinking I won’t have many so it’s fine. Only now I have way too many so need side by side and a tab… Is all … I know how to make buttons with functions.


That’s a good start! :joy:

I’m assuming you want to use yad, right?

Then some must reads:

And you need quite a good knowledge of the bash language.

All of the above takes quite much time to learn.

In general, many of the things you asked are already used in Welcome, see

Tabs: use yad option --notebook

Buttons side by side, use yad option --columns:

yad --form --columns=2 --field="xx":fbtn "xx1" --field="yy":fbtn "yy1" ...

Hey my good old friend…

Where do I add the notebook option ? And will try … I been pulling my hair 3 months now…

Easier to try the --form option first to get the buttons side by side.
Later when you have a few working forms, you can add them to a notebook.

This is how Welcome starts creating a notebook command into a variable named notebook:

yad --title "XeroLinux Shell Selection Tool" --notebook  --width=480 --height=320 --text="Use this tool to configure your Shell. Recall it with <b>shellcfg</b>" --image=$HOME/xero.png \
yad --form --columns=2 --field="Engage":fbtn "konsole --noclose -e sh -c '/usr/local/bin/tozsh'" --field="Back Back and Away":fbtn "konsole --noclose -e sh -c '/usr/local/bin/tobash'" \

Nets me this


Smaller buttons ?

Big buttons are a “feature” in yad now. I’m also waiting for the dev to make them smaller, but so far no dice.

A workaround is to add a suitable amount of buttons, then each button is smaller.

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Oh really ? I thought I was doing all wrong…

Actually you are, if this was the result so far.
Each form must be combined to the notebook, like it is done for example in Welcome.

I urge you to study the structure of yad commands (actually eos_yad) in Welcome.
It is a big job, but you need to concentrate on it.

I’m not sure if yad is the best tool for your task, have you considered any alternatives?

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Need something simple, extremely simple coz I am but a n00b. Never ever dabbled in code. I copy paste never written code…

yad and bash are not simple, although they may be a bit simpler than certain other tools.

In order to create programs you need to master the language(s), tools, and libraries you are going to use. That takes time and effort, so maybe you have a possibility to take some classes about programming? If you want to write good programs, there’s really no way around the hard work.

I agree. But I have recently undertaken the ownership of a Computer Repairs store/shop. So not much time to tend to classes… But look at my result…


That already looks great!

You are are great teacher my friend…