Heads up on latest Kernel update 6.2.5.arch1-1

Some users reporting issue with wifi and boot process hangs.
This will only effecting some users but it could be you.

So recommend to wait with updateing if you do not have to update for a special reason now.
May we know more later.

Or install LTS in addition before reboot as a fallback…

Mondays… you know…


Just see that there is a second update on kernel already :+1: in testing:
I bet it will reach the repos soon!

If you missed this info and want to go downgrading kernel:
use downgrade tool and choose local version of the last kernel:

sudo downgrade linux linux-headers

But it could be that 6.2.6 is at the repos already and updating will do the trick too!

If you are not able to boot you need to arch-chroot and do the downgrade from inside chrooted into your installed system…



After looking at most of the recent posts in our forum, I would like to suggest that we use the LTS kernel till the new 6.2.x kernel get a bit stable.



No harm in repeating a good thing. Someone missing your suggestion might see mine.

And I’m just sleepy missed your comment.

Hi, my desktop just hangs on boots, after update, no matter I choose
EndeavourOS Linux, with Linux linux
EndeavourOS Linux, with Linux linux (fallback initramfs)
and it hangs like this

What should I do now…

Well, even my lts kernel for some reasons wifi doesn’t work and I couldn’t figure it out so…
And now mine linux kernel wifi network not working now

downgrading the kernel will be what one shoudl try.
If it is caused by the kernel update.
Only keep in mind to take care of may kernel agnostic packages like nvidia driver and some wifi drivers…

yours looks more like quiet boot and GPU driver not updated or may using non working nvidia-470xx-dkms?

I am using latest nvidia-dkms package (525.89.02-2), so I should use chroot to get into my system through the terminal and download downgrade the kernel? through latest iso? or there is another way to do this?

And I do have a quiet option in my kernel parameter, I think it might be helpful if I delete it later on for better debug…



Naturally this happens on the one day (since the GRUB update) where I don’t check this forum or the main arch website before running the update. And thank heavens my heart did not actually stop, because it seems my install is fine. That said, I have had weird issues with wifi in the past which magically disappeared when I switched from GRUB to systemd-boot. I wonder how many people with wifi problems are using GRUB instead of systemd-boot?

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First time in history that I read an issue post BEFORE doing an update. Thanks @joekamprad .

Good luck to all others having issues. Will follow this thread. :popcorn:


As a former Kubuntu user I always prefered to have a fancy boot (including plymouth).

Since I switched to endeavour I love the boot lines flying though. It feels so much quicker and in case something doesn’t work you immediately see why!

nice! one user rescued with it at least!


may be it’s karma as I decided to become a “backer” for Endeavour yesterday :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


thank’s for this!

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Just a FYI to everybody:

Machine: Laptop with AMD Ryzen 5 4600 (integrated graphics) and on a laptop with Intel core i5 8th gen. (Also integrated graphics)
No issues with the recent kernel version.


yes i do also have no issues on 4 differnt machines also checked with different usb wifi sticks all working fine… Intel / AMD legacy uefi BTRFS Grub systemd-boot…


I am on 6.2.5 already and my laptop boots up just fine.

When I read this post I rebooted just to test this.
Looks OK on my end.

I thought some positive feedback might help, since it’s Monday and all… :wink:

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no probs on three machines… :100: