GUI Driver Manager?

Hi Im wondering if there is a driver manager GUI that can be installed?
I guess similar to Manjaros MHWD package.

There is no such tool on EndeavourOS.

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While figuring out the right drivers is tricky and intimidating, you really don’t need a GUI driver manager, installing drivers is something you do once and then forget about it. To make your life easier, people here can help you install the right drivers for your hardware, if you want. This is better than any automatic software.

Start by running

inxi -Fxxxaz

in the terminal, and sharing the output here. :slight_smile:

If you get an error message, then you probably don’t have inxi installed (it is a tool that displays hardware info and it is in the EndeavourOS’s repo). To install it, run:

sudo pacman -S inxi

there are also only a little number of devices that need to install a special driver at all, Nvidia does have this politic to close driver sources so if you want all features you need their driver to install…
Then you have some wifi chipsets and of cause … printers… detecting and finding the right driver from a tool, will need tricky development and on top continuous Maintanment of them all… and testing it on the specific hardware… needs someone owning the hardware…

We are working on a solution to have better hardware detection for some hardware and a simple way to find and install the right drivers, and we already implement some automatic solutions here on installation process.

As we are terminal centric you will find help here on using simple commands to get almost every hardware working.


Can you elaborate more on that one please?
I’m curious :slight_smile:

P.S. Thx @Kresimir i’m out of likes / smileys AGAIN after 8 hours :upside_down_face: :zipper_mouth_face:

Wonder if anything else

There is a really nice script in EndeavourOS repo that detects your Nvidia card and installs a dkms package for it.

#metoo :slight_smile:


The terminal centric way is really great in my opinion, especially for people like me - more “linux lovers and fan” than “IT pro”, because it helps us learn and progress. (I have learn more in the last 26 days in EnOS than in the last 3 years with my previous distro).
But a tutorial in the Wiki would be greatly appreciated, if someone would like to write it. It could benefit a lot of us, just fans…

See the link above to EndeavourOS wiki. The article about Nvidia drivers is pretty well written and mostly up to date, and the tool @manuel developed is powerful and easy to use.

Also, there is the Arch wiki, which is much more detailed, but demands a bit more patience from the user:


I don’t care about learning though. Nor do I want to learn what I don’t need to learn.

I knew that existed, but I never said anything about wanting NVIDIA drivers installed haha. I don’t use NVIDIA cos they suck.

I look forward to seeing this feature :slight_smile:

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Then you don’t need a driver manager.


Then what hardware would you be wanting a GUI-based driver manager for?


Nothing good happens unless you do it.

It’s all up to you. :smiley:

I look forward to seeing how you learn and build a nice GUI for the community :slight_smile:


Your optimism is touching!

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After that sentence, it is already clear to me that he cannot do this.
But a little motivation can never hurt and maybe he will show more respect for programming in the future, even if they don’t always succeed.


Exactly! I am all in with you!


Why ask for help ? Linux is all about learn :+1:


Well hang on a minute. I never said I didn’t respect programming. I do…but I am allowed to dislike a company.

WiFi Adapters, Capture Cards, Wireless Keyboard, Sound Card

I asked about recommendations, not exactly help.
Linux is all about learning yes, but I said I don’t like learning things I don’t NEED to learn. Things I NEED to learn I shall learn, but I’m not going to go out of my way, with the very little free time I have to learn something I don’t NEED to learn. And yes it makes sense, read it until it does :stuck_out_tongue:

I am usually a very optimistic person. For example, I am optimistic about COVID ending soon, and the world going back to normal. I am optimistic that this distro will continue to grow and prosper. I am optimistic to continue to run a successful business.
But some things, I don’t NEED to be optimistic about such as learning in the little amount of free time I have on my hands lol

BTW please don’t take anything I say personally or think that I’m being disrespectful, because I truly mean nothing but the utmost respect. Things I say are purely based on my opinion and my opinion only.
I love this distro and community so far, and a bit of banter is good…I just don’t want anyone taking anything personally or thinking I’m being disrespectful when I’m honestly having no intentions of being.
I like to joke around a lot. I don’t take much in life seriously, other than my career/business. I don’t even take my relationship seriously, so it’s nothing personal, I just am a bit of a joker.

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In all fairness @anon78451888,

The members here at EndeavourOS take linux very seriously. In all fairness, you did come across rather snarky. When dealing with online communications it is easy to get lost in the anonymity of things. For example:

You may find this statement humorous. Others may see it as rude (I know i do).


I mean it’s just some lighthearted, harmless words but anyway I apologise for any misconceptions that may have occurred

Dear Madam,

  1. my reply was not addressed to you
  2. you could perhaps consider marking the post #2 as the solution for your enquiry:

I am sure with so little time on your hand you don’t want to keep this thread going, wasting it on receiving replies which is outside the spheres of your interest.

Good day/evening/night wherever you are

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