Great exodus from LastPass to Bitwarden

I noticed today that LastPass has changed the policy for the free account, limiting the service to one device type only (e.g. desktop or mobile). Seems to be a great exodus from LastPass to Bitwarden going on…

Yes, people at Reddit are upset :slight_smile:


Nice cash grab from lastpass. I left them a couple of years ago.

Don’t forget to delete your lastpass account after you migrate. You don’t want an old password database floating around.


Good point about deleting the old vault; I just migrated to Bitwarden and everything looks great. Nice and “fresh” user interface IMHO.



Can easily recommend Bitwarden. Open source and possible to self-host, but I send them money to keep them going (and support the development work etc.).

I even pledged to their Kickstarter a few years ago, but it didn’t hit its (very reasonable) funding target. Not sure why people don’t like funding open-source software… :confused:


I switched from Lastpass to Bitwarden a few years ago, for the price it’s been excellent. Well worth the price of a couple of coffees for a year’s peace of mind.


Lastpass also more than doubled the price of Logmein support licencing for the charity I work for. Sad to see them go down this path, but having tried to talk to their customer service reps, all I can say is they absolutely don’t care at any level.


I have yet to use this, I’m old school i guess, still writing down my passwords in my little notepad LOL! :rofl:

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I have used Bitwarden for… three years now I think. Great program. I have not bothered to install the standalone app, just the browser plugin tho.

i think about move Bitwarden for long time . only thing stop me 1Password work fantastic for me+family… teach them to use another will kill me


Yeah, I left LastPass for BitWarden on my personal devices a few years ago now too. Do have LastPass still on my work machine, as we have LastPass Enterprise.

It is the same for me. :smile:

Personally, I’m very happy with KeePassXC. It’s completely offline and I just make a backup of the database file and share it with all my computers, every once in a while I change or add a password. There is a Firefox add-on which integrates nicely with it, it’s a very smooth experience.


I have been using keepass for many years now (I think it must be close to 10) and it works well.


The difference between something like keepass* and bitwarden is with keepass you have more control but also more responsibility. You need to have a good way to sync them that is safe and reliable.

I use both types and keeping a keepass file properly synced across ~20 devices running 4 different OSes is substantially more work than just using bitwarden and having it handle everything for you.


There are pros and cons to both methods.


How secure are these, serious question. I’m skeptical about these “programs” that keep your passwords um… “safe” and I’m guessing for easy logins? I did find this in the AUR Under pamac its listed as bitwarden 1.24.6-1 for the desktop Maintainer: libertylocked. I’ll admit that Iam curious about this and could possibly stop writing passwords down in my little notepad lmao. :rofl:

They are open source and use current encryption techniques.

If ultimate security is your concern you can use something like an offline keepass database combined with a strong password and a hardware token but that is probably more than most people need.

There is almost always a trade-off between security and convenience at some level.

That is just the desktop client for bitwarden. Given the sensitivity, I would consider using the official appimage instead. On the other hand, you may not even need the desktop client if you have the browser plugin.

So this would be the better option?

Most secure against strangers - is your own memory :brain: …mnemonics and stuff.

However it could be not secure against yourself in case you forget :rofl:
I love to take risks.


I have nearly 800 passwords. I can’t remember that many :wink: