Google online accounts dont work

Using latest version of Endeavour OS.

I am trying to add my Google accounts on gnome-online-accounts, but simply freezes.
I cant type my email, because freezes the pop-up.

Why this occurs?
I tried other mail accounts, and works.
I tried other distros and works.

Welcome @reypsj
What do you mean by “latest”?
What version of Gnome? Can I assume 43.4
Settings > About
It lets me add an email and I use Wayland.

All actually on distro.
43.3 F2FS.

On an installation on VM works, I tried yesterday a few install, but no one works.
All freezes only in Google accounts

I have no experience with this, sorry. It works perfectly on 43.4 and I run Btrfs.
One thought, are you on Wayland or X11?

Wayland, I suppose that in btrfs maybe works.
XFS don’t works also

intsall gnome-goa, for some reasons it is not part of the default eos installation of gnome.

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indeed not default… not everyone will need a google account or even want this to be there per default.

sudo pacman -S gnome-online-accounts gvfs-goa

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