Google online accounts dont work

It is really used to save passwords. I didn’t realize it was actually about Gnome-keyring, also because both endeavoros-keyring and archlinux-keyring are already installed in endeavour. Apparently gnome-online-accounts wants the gnome suite one.

endeavoros-keyring and archlinux-keyring are only there to ship keys for the package signing … gnome-keyring is users space keyring management

ok thanks :+1:t2: now I understand :blush: thank you so much for the quick replies

This will be the new security feature that Goolag blocks :wink: .

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4fa (four-factor-authentification)

  1. password
  2. smartphone-auth-app-code
  3. blooddrop
  4. irisscan

ups an error accured… please try again…

  1. Stool sample :poop:

next level…

But some people just rely on using Googlezon, so we shouldn’t ridicule it too much. It’s also very sweet and so easy to use. :lollipop: