Google cannot identify you

I think many people have already encountered this case. I use several computers and several Google accounts. I haven’t been able to access one of my Google accounts on my desktop computer running EOS for a few days. My other devices, which also have EOS installed, have no problems with this account. When logging in, the only option is to restore the account. Of course, I only want to do this as a last resort, since I can log in on the other devices. I suspect the IP address. I had a similar issue with another Google account, but the problem was only temporary and after a while I was able to sign in after entering my recovery email address. What could be causing this and is this problem just temporary?

The operating system has nothing to do with Google services.

Google failing to identify your account may be caused by the regular use of VPN services which alternates IP addresses.

This repeating change of IP address may confuse the AI behind Google.

You have to contact Google with your issue(s) - they may suspect an account abuse and therefore temporarily disabled the device.

Do you have verification set up with Google?
Google has my phone number and an alternative email for verification purposes.

Google cannot identify you

I don’t think. Nope. Is your hardware problem.

Google failing to identify you is a good thing!


I don’t use any VPN service. The external dynamic IP address on the router provided by the service provider changes weekly.

The machine in question is not used by anyone other than me. I read a forum post on a similar topic on the Google support page, according to which the bad news is that there are cases when they cannot recover the account.

Sad true @chomsky :smile:

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Of course, there are alternative control options. I’ve never had this problem with my main email account, even though I’ve been using it since the beginning.

This is a hint from the universe to keep your hands off Goolag.


Of course, this is also a solution.

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You can check in security settings and see devices you have used to login, and you can delete sessions you do not need anymore.

In addition you can indeed add the option to identify love your smartphone, so when you log in to new device it ask for verification you can abort the default and use smartphone … in most cases it offers a verification over a key… and you can combine accounts too what makes it easier to verify if you have many accounts.

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Google cannot identify you

I’ll keep my tinfoil hat on, just in case. Sounds a bit too good to be true…



the title is a very good choice indeed… i will keep an eye on this one…
but be aware of comedy :clown_face:




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My primary Google account doesn’t have a recovery phone number, just an email address, and I use it on the same devices as the affected account. When logging in, I sometimes get a prompt to enter my security email address, but that’s it, and it happens very rarely. I entered the relevant account as a test on a phone where I don’t usually use this account and I was able to log in easily, without any special identification. I use my desktop computer every day, but most of the solutions to help me log in (for example, sending a code to the security email address) did not work, and even the email with the recovery link did not arrive within 48 hours. So I don’t understand it all. Of course, I use the evasive solution of not performing an account recovery, because the login works on my other devices (including the one on which I couldn’t log in before), and therefore the whole hassle is not worth it.

Did you try using another browser or browser profile?

Of course I tried. Logging into the relevant account in different browsers works on four other devices and phones. (Chrome, Vivaldi, Firefox, Safari)

Never had this problem and i have multiple computers running EndeavourOS and Windows or both. I always get a message to my google email as soon as i log into any google account for security reasons. I have it set up that way. It doesn’t stop me from logging in. It just advises me that someone logged in and from what IP and what OS and location. I would advise you check your google account security settings and set them appropriately to how you want them to be.

Well yes, so far I have received similar messages when I tried to log into this account like you. I will be forced to turn on 2FA for this account, which will soon be mandatory anyway.

I’m not using the the 2 factor account verification. I think i just have it set up to notify when there is an access of logging in. The 2 factor authentication is a pain because it won’t let you in unless you respond.