Gnome Got €1 Million For Development

@Kresimir Thoughts? :eyes: :rofl:

Hopefully, they’ll make it faster and better-looking by throwing out the current design and starting over, of course. I hate adwaita… :face_vomiting:

Cinnamon and Budgie (and Deepin :roll_eyes:) are as good as Gnome gets. So far, at least.

Thanks, I hate it.


That is a huge amount of money…

But gnome is not my cup of tea, but i have to admit that some of their apps are perfect like gnome disks

So no hate here, and it is a very good thing that there is choice in the Linux world.

Edit: removed the hate part as it doesn’t do anything good

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This investment will fund the following projects until the end of 2024:

Improve the current state of accessibility
Design and prototype a new accessibility stack
Encrypt user home directories individually
Modernize secrets storage
Increase the range and quality of hardware support
Invest in Quality Assurance and Developer Experience
Expand and broaden freedesktop APIs
Consolidate and improve platform components

This sounds reasonable and partly improves the whole Linux desktop stack beyond the immediate Gnome-horizon.


I wouldn’t hold my breath, they’ll surely make it worse as they’ve always done before :rofl:

Personally, I’m just glad that governmental bodies (“The Sovereign Tech Fund started in October 2022 and is financed by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action”) fund opensource!

I don’t use Gnome, but seems like there’s a bunch of other great projects they’ve funded:


This might be relevant:


I concur with this. It’s not just that Gnome is unpleasant for most to use, and budgie and cinnamon are its high points—it’s that Gnome –independent of DEs– as a base/stack has magnificent packages, software, stability, and innovation. It runs corps. and gov.
This investment is reasonable.
While I personally wouldn’t use it as a DE, I likely will not stop using Budgie. The world needs the gnome stack.
Besides, no one wants a K-package dominated linux world :disguised_face:.

That’s not a lot of money for software… I have recently found a git repo of an NGO receiving around this amount every year and they only did some half assed websites and events. It is most likely a sinkhole for tax write-offs.

Isn’t KDE mostly developed by germans? Did they receive also?



Well I like gnome. You’ve to tinker with it a few minutes after installation and add some extensions (dash2dock and some other) to make it useable, but then you have a lightweight/fast DE with a consistent design.

Edit: Sorry for that, my cat walked over my keyboard leaving this comment :disguised_face: … Bööhhhse Mieez!! :black_cat:


nah German do not like to give money to other Germans.


Well we don’t like us each other, why should other people like us :stuck_out_tongue:

yea do not ask me :footprints:

Maybe Because You Use Too Many Capital Letters

We all know Germans capitalize all nouns…

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Gnome keep winning, other DE/WM fan keep butthurting. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Joke aside, like it or not, Gnome has large ripple effects across other DE. Gnome can’t move a smidge without pushing Joshua Strobl to the ground (nod to that latest Wayland vs x11 conundrum)

Even your WM (which is suck btw because you can’t design :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: (joke, just in case) rely on some of its project.

So I think for Government stand point, it’s more effective than to fund say (may God Emperor of Mankind forgive me to use this word) KDE.

(Also joke).

Gnome died when it went to Gnome3. :headstone:

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He speaketh truth, but I don’t like it. Let’s put him in jail! :construction: :mens: :construction:

PS: “Joke”



Despite being fairly new to Linux, unlike most new users, I didn’t like Gnome the first time I tried it. I thought it felt too dumb’d down and simple. I needed something a bit more stimulating.

KDE Plasma was love at first sight. Feels like a Flagship DE

Funny you should say that because Gnome is just Mac for Linux, while KDE is Windows for Linux.