GNOME 44 is Here. What’s Working, What’s Not?

Gnome 44 has done quite a bit more than incorporate some information panels, in this major release,The biggest reason to update may be the welcome return of Nautilus (Files) expandable folders after a long hiatus while it was reworked into GTK4,

It will be a welcome return after reading so many complaints about it. Gnome was always very clear, it would return in 44. and to, this shows Gnome developers are listening. Personally, I like doing things the Gnome way and wish they would incorporate some of these great extensions into the core. But there are so many extensions to choose from, like Dash to Panel, Dash to Dock, Just Perfection, you can really make it your own and they are 44-ready.


ddterm, a handy drop-down terminal, much like Quake-mode but without all the bloat, is still not certified for 44 but there is a workaround by adding “44” to the metadata.json but it is just getting around the version checkingI I am waiting for Gnome to certify it.

Users of MEGAsync with nautilus-megasync will be happy to know it integrates with Nautilus into the right-click context menu. Very convenient.

Overall, GNOME 44.1 is stable enough to be my daily driver. I do need to cut down those 16 extensions, but they are so darned useful.

Is there more to know about Gnome 44 with their first point release? What have I missed, what are your thoughts on 44?


The experience of a few days of use is not at all positive.
After the update the system slows down and jerks when I scroll pages in Firefox or when I scroll through a pdf file with the mouse wheel. Here are a couple of my posts from the last few days asking for help with my problems, which have not been completely solved. I have never encountered this kind of inconveniences when changing from previous versions of Gnome. At most an extension did not work for a few days while we was waiting for the update. The system has now became less responsive and usable.

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I would create a new user account and test if the issues are still present there as well.

I know this won’t help you but I am not experiencing any of theses issues after upgrading to GNOME 44.1 on two Arch installs.


Here is a thread about a new glitch in Nautilus: Gnome Files: deleting file behaves weirdly?

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Thanks. It was a good advice… with the new user FF and evince work fine.
Now the problem is how to find what issue have my usual user and why until the version 43 it normally worked.
Any suggestion ?

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I’m not sure.

Normally when thing works normally under a new user account, this would imply issues on the user level and not on the system level.

Perhaps something in the configs of Firefox and Evince is corrupted or something. It is difficult to say.

Something you could try, under your regular account, could be creating a new user profile for Firefox and test.

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I noticed that the view in the file browser behaves strangely and that when I delete an element, the name and the icons of this element is put on another still existing one. Only when I reload the page once, the correct data is displayed again.

Does anyone else have this?

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I guess it is the same glitch as in the link here below:


Yes, I also have it… But is not the main issue because normally I manage the files with nemo. But It is annoying.


I guess it’s back to Nemo for a while longer. Now we know its only a graphical thing and the file is actually in the trash folder, it"s something I can live with now that the triangles are back.

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As a UI designer I am amazed (unlike just about everyone else, not just here) at that bug. I wonder how nautilus was released with such a serious defect.

The UI not reflecting the state of the underlying file system? If I had hair, it would stand on end - that is about as bad as it gets. I switched to nemo because of it.

The GNOME designers will fix it, but I hope they uncover the root cause and fix that as well.

(All that said, everything else is fine. But that was a shocker).


I/we waited a long time for the release of the new Gnome version. I had a quick look at it after I recently updated the packages… At first it said that some extensions (like Dash to dock) are not compatible with the current version. After logging out and logging in, everything was working. Since I don’t start the Gnome desktop on a daily basis, I didn’t notice so many drastic changes, but I’m curious about the opinions of others.

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You are absolutely right. If you delete a file you don’t have to see it anymore, otherwise if the files are many you don’t understand anything and you can make serious mistakes. The use of a graphical UI serves precisely that.

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There’s not a lot of updates outside of the settings menu. That’s great, quality of life updates. Things are very very good already, there’s not a lot needing work.

Hi, just updated to gnome 44, but I don’t see options to enable background app on status bar. Is it disabled in EndeavorOS?

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I have verified that the temporary freezes in the GUI depend on some gnome extension. By deactivating all of them it works fine. Now I have to find out which one is the culprit.

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I saw it well then. According to them, the Gnome desktop environment is close to perfection in its simplicity, facilitating user operations. When are significant changes expected? Maybe when version 50 comes out?

If you use a relatively large number of extensions, this test can be lengthy.

If it’s nearly perfect, why do you need any significant changes? Just support new hardware and fix bugs.

Actually, I don’t expect major changes either, but software is constantly changing, especially the design.