GNOME 44 is Here. What’s Working, What’s Not?

Design would be a major change. But once you got something good going, it doesn’t change much. Windows was clearly happy with the start menu and task bar. They’ve been using it since 1995 in similar fashion.

I got it. It is the module gnome-shell-extension-openweather-git (vers. 121.r0.gf9e90b6-1, weather information) that makes my gnome 44.1 unstable. If I disable this extension everything works fine.
Curious, it is the version just for gnome 44.
Is there anyone with the same issue ?

This issue is reported on gitlab/skrewball/openweather a few day ago for Arch with gnome 44

The non git version works fine on my end. no issue to report.

I uninstalled the git version and reinstalled it by the browser from
I have verified I have the same version as you (121). But I don’t know why if I activate it the desktop freezes every 5-10 seconds and sometimes it even closes the gnome session. As I said the issue (#70) has been reported to the maintainer.

Oh well. Windows is quite conservative in this respect.

However I agree with you, there must be some trouble in my user’s configuration. With another user the extension works smoothly without any defect.

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I’m not sure if this is a new Nautilus issue, or if its related to updates to smb. Both were updated recently…

I have a CIFS mount that I have been using for years with no problems, same fstab options since ever…
But it started to give me problems recently.

When I open a CIFS folder in Nautilus and leave it there for a few minutes, I can see that the system unmounts it, path to the folder disappears, icons disappears…
It is even worse when I open a picture with Eog app, the image disappears completely after some time, leaving just a blank screen.

I was suspecting of a network issue, so I performed a packet capture, port TCP/445.
As we can see below, my own system was disconnecting from the fileserver with a tree disconnect request…

My system: and fileserver

Found out that this mount option is the culprit: x-systemd.idle-timeout=1min

In case you face such issues, you can increase that value to something such as 20 min, or just remove that option entirely which I don’t recommend…

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ddterm was the only real issue for me, with it still not supporting Gnome 44.
Having a shortcut key with :enos: as a terminal-centric distro is really useful. I found quake-mode is a good replacement, but woithout all the bellas and whisteles of something like Guake.

ddterm also supports multiplexing terminals like Tilix on Wayland, so you can theme each terminal independently in Tilix.

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It didn’t make it into 44 final release. You can track it here

I’m finding that works with Xorg, but not Wayland. I’ve switched to Guake until it gets sorted out.

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Guake did not work for me either, but then I am only using Wayland.

I am using quake-mode Gnome extension which is designed with Tilix in mind. I use one keyboard shortcut for fast dropdown, and another shortcut for Tilix mutiplex layout. Now I have the convenience of a fast dropdown terminal while being able to monitor other terminals.

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