Getting Hyprland

Well, hopefully they work out the kinks for the upcoming 2023.09.01 release. We shall see lol.

Arch iso 2023-08-01 seems to be working for this guy: archinstall + hyprland

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At least on a VM, it’s working for me as well

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Update: I found ags (bar and theming scripted with typescript) seemed to use a lot of memory to run so I’ve moved over to the config supplied by This offers a good selection of GTK3 based options with nicely laid out css files to hack.

CachyOS is another Arch-based distro that offers a Hyprland compositor, but with preconfigured dots this time. I noticed that many of the youtubers are using EOS as a base, even the xfce version, I suppose it makes sense if you want a desktop experience without pulling in all the kde packages as well.

That said there is plenty of inspiration over at, the dot’s seem relatively well-matured at first glance.

Yes…i am running eos base with and also have it installed in Kde Plasma on Nvidia trying it out. I didn’t realize there was an endeavour github page for hyprland. :thinking:

Edit: I do like Hyprland but I’m finding Kde with Wayland is also very good except for tiling needs a little more manual manipulation with keys. Not quite as smooth of a transition of the tiled windows compared to Hyprland for sure. But Wayland works well!


@pebcak Yeah, I watched that video last night. He still cautions about using a no sound option in the install, and manually adding a sound server afterwards. Last time I checked the pipewire-jack/jack2 issue was still open in the archinstall issues git.

@ricklinux I just prefer the aesthetics of Hyprland over anything tbh. I found wayland very janky when I installed with btrfs and encryption. My current install is plain ext4 with no encryption. No issues. Smooth like coconut oil :coconut: It feels much lighter than Debian + LXQT, my previous set-up.

Edit: That said, it seems like all the bars favour the GTK3 library. I wonder why not QT? Curious :thinking:
2nd Edit: A: They use elements of both.

I don’t use encryption because i use grub for one reason and it takes too long to decrypt. If i were to use luks i would use systemd as it’s hardly noticeable. As far as Wayland being janky that was within the last year or so. Now it’s pretty flawless on both my Ryzen with amdgpu and also an Intel with Nvidia both running Kde Plasma with Hyprland, Wayland or X11.

Hyprland is easy to install and knowing what is needed to make it work. The hard part is the config files for Waybar, and all the rest of the stuff such as lock screen, shutdown etc etc. Hence why i used the script.

@ricklinux On the Hyprland webpage, they have kinks to all sorts of replacement software alternatives for X11 under Wayland.

While installing Hyprland from a user script or cloning their Git to get their setup is a viable option; look on r/unixporn or searching waybar config dots git in your web browser will lead you to many wonderful examples of what can be done with waybar.

When I first started confiring waybar and hyprland, I looked at many different user configs to get used to the syntax, and become comfortable with. json and .css. After awhile you’ll find the settings and software you need.

Yes I’m well aware of everything. It’s just not that easy to come up with yourself if you have no idea. I have to follow something and know what i need to put there. Even if some config is there for waybar i have a hard time to know how to add some of these things. The tutorial is not always that helpful. For some things yes. For others no because they don’t explain how they just give information. How to use the information is another story.

@ricklinux I can relate! I spent quite a bit of time configuring things in polybar, using herbstluftwm, spectrwm and bspwm in X11. Initially, it was somewhat frustrating when trying to get a handle on how things work, but over time, and a never ending need to tweak my system, it started to become much easier.

So, when I got to sway and hyprland, I had much more confidence in learning and adapting to the new surroundings. In many ways, I found waybar much more flexible, and easier to config than polybar.

I don’t have any experience with any of them. I mean sure i have installed Sway plus Bspwm and used them. I understand some things but not too much with waybar, sway lock or polybar or any of that stuff. :sob:

I’m well used to configuring my editor and system, however the ecosystem is developing so rapidly, it’s hard to know what’s good and what’s already obsolete. Been scratching my head, cloning repos for a month, well at least half that time was researching how to set up this new/old thinkpad with NixOs. JaKooLit’s v3 script resonated when I looked at the code, and experienced for myself how easily it was to install his config, so much so that I tipped him $20 on KoFi for his trouble. Each stage of a build requires research, so it’s a massive help when when someone uses their talent to make something good for the community (like LazyVim for example). Jay (the author of the v3 script) mentioned in a video EOS had been his distro of choice for quite a while. So these things come full circle and good is repaid with good it seems.

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Brtza, the problem is that i dont have time for making the config ready on the moment due to my work different shifts and all most of the time i’m just to tired but i will pick the project up as soon as can. Until now i did the most work anyways well all off it. I still need to work one more week this week nighttshift and then i can start my holiday and i will have the time to finish it.



I understand, and ofc you are doing that in free time so nobody expect it “yesterday” .
When it is ready it is ready.

Most of people using Endeavour os as a base and Jakoolit v3 script to get hyprland. Some of them using is from scratch.

So no worries , when it is done, I am sure it will be awesome :slight_smile: ofc if you need help or testers, I am here :slight_smile:

Yes @Brtza @RedBlizard count me in! I’ve been getting to grips with the powerful features of Hyprland, and hacking on JaKoolIt config to get my bar to where I like it. I have another baremetal machine I have yet to convert to EOS and Hyprland. I’d be glad to help out where I can and do some testing also when you get back into it :wink:

Have you changed any of the Waybar entries after installing the JaKoolit-v3 script. I just notice on my laptop the screen never powers off. It does go into screen lock but same.

Yeah, I played with the waybar

is it possible to have all notifications under notification icon in the waybar??

Notifications are handled by the mako daemon and are pop-ups by default, if you want them in the waybar, that would have to be a custom module that you write yourself. It displays the currently playing song (default is for two seconds) and popups for just this forum and the Hyprland subreddit which is actually pretty cool as there aren’t too many. I removed some of the modules from my waybar, as mako gives feed back when I change screen brightness and audio levels. I increased the hyprland/window (title) characters to make use of that extra real estate

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