Getting Hyprland

Ok, I must of messed something up then because that’s what I initially tried. Maybe I got the syntax wrong in the waybar modules file. I’ll play around with it…

Long time no post. Here’s another one :slight_smile


Is this still the best way to test? I noticed a community hyprland ISO :eyes:

Yeah we did test with building a hyprland iso, butt there are some issues with it, we did try to make hyprland run as plasma replacement to see if it runs on the live iso when you boot into the iso but it gives some issues we did not find a solution for this also waybar keeps loading the stock version for some reason, what is not good. so it is still in alpha stage.

So for now, if I want to test, I have to install EndeavourOS with a DE and then run your install script after, correct? Does any DE or WM on the official ISO work?

yeah for now you have to install a desktop environment as a base system like for example kde, but just wait for know need to push some fixes to github this weekend. i will let you know when i have done so. then you just have to git clone my hyprland-installation repo. and run it.


My repos are updated, fixed some bugs as promised.

Just git clone my hyprland-installation repo , and do a cd to hyprland-installation.
And just run it with ./

If you run into issues please let me know ?
This is the hyprland community edition but it is the extended version,
I run it myself as daily driver

Have fun :wink:


offical dotfiles: (they are not complete) :wink:


I’d just like to ask if there is a specific reason Brave is set as the default browser?

apparently yeah

brave is set to default because it is more secure than firefox , not necessary to install with brave , you can remove it too

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Yeah, the browser process sandboxing is definitely more secure. I’m just wary about strengthening Chromium’s/Blink’s near-monopolized position even more.

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yeah brave supports app launchers and firefox does not.

The hyprland iso has issues. that has to do with the way endeavouros iso is build.
And for know it is my testing playground.

Been a while since I’ve revisited this, but I’m finding the simple shell script is proving the best way to go in most cases. The latest thing I’m tinkering with is a waybar theme that has three colors the user can specify (foreground, background, and text). Those same three colors are then used for the window borders in hyprland.conf.

As someone who has been daily driving Hyprland for almost a year now, I still find installing the base EOS system, without choosing a desktop is still an easy, viable option when building a Hyprland only system from scratch.

From there, follow the Hyprland wiki to keep up with the required software needed, and any breaking changes to the hyprland.conf if you, are like me, using your own dots.

I downloaded, and use Ly as a display login manager and it works great with Hyprland.

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Can it be installed on basic Eos install, without DE ?

If not, which DE needs to be installed before ?


I3 or kde does not matter even gnome should work.
Did not tested the installation script yet without any DE , but you can always try.

Does it work with Nvidia?

yes it does !
But you need to read what to do
For nvidia on the moment manual intervention is needed , just read what the install script does it will create a debug log from every step the install script does that will placed in your home folder.