Fresh KDE install, a few questions

Hello, gents, there are some questions that I have, and really don’t want to create more topics for each answer I need.
First and foremost KDE Plasma went smoothly and I landed in a vanilla Plasma desktop. So far so good. Now onto issues I ecnountered:

1 Kinfocenter doesn’t show the logo

What I tried: made a folder called about-distro in the /usr/share and copied the .svg logo there. No dice.

2 Also neofetch doesn’t show the ASCI logo, for sure there is a way of enabling it, didn’t have the time to fiddle with configuration files.

3 The Welcome greeter didn’t show up in the Control Center/ autostart but I disable it.

I can help you here.

First point: Logo in kinfocenter? You need endeavouros artwork - as @Bryanpwo for them - and you need to copy endeavouros svg file in usr/share/pixmaps/

It will be better after this.

Point two: there is no ascii artwork for EndeavourOS for now. I think @joekamprad or @Bryanpwo can tell you why.

Point three: known issue, I think.

Hope I helped :slight_smile:

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As we do not ship plasma theming yet this files are not present.
Screenfetch/Neofetch are not merging our logo till someone pull them to their GitHub .

@Anticupidon, welcome to the world of EOS KDE/Plasma. If you want to learn more about points 2 and 3 see
[Question] EndeavourOS Welcome Greeter
EOS ascii logo for screenfetch
EOS screenfetch and neofetch

And for logos in svg format see:

I’m surprised they didn’t show up in a forum search.

Here’s what I did to get the artwork to show up in kinfocenter.

Retrieved the EndeavourOS svg artwork from:

Unzipped it and sudo copied the files to /usr/share/pixmaps

Created the following /etc/xdg/kcm-about-distrorc file

Variant=Stable Branch
UseOSReleaseVersion=false # controls if os-release’s VERSION is used (default=false = use VERSION_ID)

Ran kinfocenter and:

Helpful info at:
KDE-kinfocenter Modules about-distro


thanks for your time to answer, will try to apply this solution as fast as I can.

Worked for me. Thank you! :slight_smile:

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How to copy the files in this folder. It wont let me.

@AndreasDimo the directory that you are copying into is owned by root and all of the files there are also owned by root so you have to use sudo in a terminal like so:

sudo cp from to

In my case I extracted the EndeavourOS logos into ~/Downloads/endeavour-logo and then

sudo cp ~/Downloads/endeavour-logo/*.svg /usr/share/pixmaps

Notice the space between svg and /usr.

To create the rc file I used nano thusly:

sudo nano /etc/xdg/kcm-about-distrorc

Typed in the file, saved it and exited.

You could just as easily create the rc file in your home directory using any editor you are familiar with and then copy it to the correct location using sudo cp in a terminal.


Thank you very much

Thanks a lot, it worked!

I was also able to set this up on my vbox install of kde. I must say this is the best KDE install i have had. It logs in faster and just works really well. Very snappy and uses less ram than Cinnamon.


I agree! I’m taking a break from my ongoing i3wm-construction-site and installed KDE. Pretty happy with that for the moment.
Interesting setup you got there. Is that a Lattedock over a KDE-Panel? :thinking:

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Yes, it’s lattedock. I have tried KDE many many times and just could never get used to it. I don’t like the KDE part and actually wish there was just a plasma desktop sans KDE. But, this is the first time where i have got it installed actually on vbox which is surprising me in how good it works. In the past i have always found the login way too slow. This Endeavour version is great. It logs in instantly and is very fast, snappy. I’m starting to like it more. I just need to learn how to customize it more and that’s the hard part i find with KDE as i’m just not that familiar with how everything works. I have always stuck with Cinnamon and the biggest reason has been because i have found it to be less problematic when updates happen. But now i have gotten used to Xfce and KDE somewhat more and i am gaining a new appreciation for them. I also like Mate as another choice. Mainly i have Xfce and Cinnamon installed right now and playing around with others learning how they tick.