Logos for Wallpaper art

To make your creative work easier, @nate came up with an idea to make the logo available for you to use in creating wallpapers.
So here they are, for you free to use.



Thank you soo much for these! Hope the art starts rolling in now. :grinning:

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Would be awesome if you can package it also in the endeavouros repos , Endeavouros-artwork-logo

something like that :slight_smile:

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What is the name of this font? Can you share this font here?



Could you inform us about this?

It’s called Ailerons

But in the logo it has a bit modified spacing compared to original font.


Quote from terms of use:

I consider distribution and portal to be more than “personal” in the proper sense of the word (commercial so far also not, but e.g. when merchandising is being done), “non-commercial” would have been unmistakable. Licenses for fonts are usually much more finely defined, with which conditions they may be used (web, print etc.).

Quote from terms of use:

Not edited, not redistributed…That’s what happens here. The team should at least ask Adilson Gonzales.

Perhaps he will be happy if he is simply mentioned somewhere in an “about endeavouros” in return.


Sorry to necro this thread, but I have a question about the provided logo’s…

Is there some sort of style-guide in existence, with proper rules about how to use these logos?

e.g. :

  • Where to use which variant
  • proper sizing
  • How much margin should be used
  • Proper color usage
  • etc…

No brand manual is provided, the following general rules apply:

  • the recommended logo to be used is one of the four original versions provided in vector format
  • there are 4 official variants: vertical, horizontal, vertical-dark and horizontal-dark
  • the *-dark logos are to be used on dark backgrounds, when the backgrounds used beneath the regular logos don’t ensure a proper contrast and easy recognition of the logos
  • the vertical and horizontal formats allow the usage of the logos on variously shaped media
  • no modifications are allowed to the logo’s colors, shapes or spacing of its various elements.
  • proper safe-space (margins) should be maintained around the logo in all directions equal to the height of the logo-mark ( :enos: ).
  • the logos can only be resized with respecting the original aspect ratio (no stretching in only one direction, height should be resized proportionally to width)
  • the backgrounds underneath the logo should be as much as possible plain (or soft gradients) so as not to interfere with the logo

Seems logical!

Thanks for taking the time to write it down though!


we need a glowing icon/logo :slight_smile: