French governement wants to inject domain blocking lists directly into web browsers



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I’m bursting with patriotic pride that :uk: got there first with BT’s “Cleanfeed” :1st_place_medal:

:face_vomiting: :face_vomiting: :face_vomiting:

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Who put the “Great” in to Great Britain? Certainly not the donkeys that were elected into power!!!

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Seems to me to be more effective to put a block list in the router. In order to incorporate into web browsers they would need to do every single one. Much harder to manage than the physical routers which are already in the country.

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Lol, that’s literally the point of Adguard and Pihole

Each day, its a new stupid idea with them… :man_facepalming:

@thefrog @flkdnt
I hope you’re not seriously trying to rationalize that they actually care or think about the children here…while dismantling freedoms and pushing surveillance state :rofl:

People doing stuff I don't like not thinking of children, say apartment ...


I’m not rationalizing anything was just making a statement that putting something in browsers is not the way to block things as anyone with programming ability could just write their own Browser.

The French Government can do what they want and I don’t care. I don’t live there and have no intentions of visiting lol.

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You mean like the English did with CCTV and it spread from there like a plague? We all need to care about crap like this no matter where it is happening.

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I live there, and I had not heard about this.

I’m curious how they intend to force compliance of all browsers.


I spent too many good years fighting against these kinds of things and end the end it got worse not better.

Not a good argument to stop caring / fighting.

“I got cancer and did chemo, but in the end it got worse, not better”

Well yeah, you’ve got cancer; the comparison is not between current state and the idealised universe where you never got cancer, but between current state and the state you would be in had you not done chemo.


Yeah that’s very interesting question, it would require a lot of…
And a lot of surveillance,…and whole police state :north_korea: style :clown_face:

P.S. Not that it’s not already an absolute :poop:show right now as we speak… :unamused:


What I’m afraid of is that all this leads to people having no control over their hardware — and thus no control over software, and no privacy.

The confluence of that, TPMs / Pluton, AI requiring GPU farms (making your individual machine inadequate for some tasks that may quickly become integral to hard-to-avoid-in-daily-life proprietary systems), and the obvious corporate interests in removing choice, may inch the PC space closer and closer to locked hardware, like happened to phones, that developed later.

I don’t have cancer however I do have emphysema and heart issues. I am just praying I have 10 good years left. I wouldn’t say I don’t care as much as I would say that the fight for rights is not the priority in my life its my fight for life.

The actual point I started making was that going through and trying to block browser is a dumb way to do it. Which I am sure intelligent people such as make such stupid laws do know. To me its a smoke screen of something even more deviant the french government maybe trying to hide. its like keep you focused on this so we can do that.

In the 80’s we were fighting for human rights in Africa and South Africa and 40 + years later they just found another way to attack.



That’s also more or less what concerns me.

I see it less as a smokescreen than as a wedge, an attempt to move the Overton window.

  • start with ISP-level censorship; can’t work because users can change DNS, use proxies, VPNs, etc
  • move to in-browser censorship; can’t work because users can change browser; have public discourse about how that’s a security risk and enables fraudsters/molesters/terrorists/racists/etc and only such people would need that ability. Once this idea is bought…
  • move to in-OS censorship: forbid non-compliant browsers; windows and iOS will comply; can’t completely work because Linux exists… repeat FUD…
  • move to hardware censorship of OS, through legislation and technical measures SecureBoot/TPM++ preventing you from installing non-compliant OS. And then there absolutely is nothing left for the user to do. And that is technically feasible, because hardware manufacture requires immense resources. Not even nations can make their own in autarchy. There is no alternative for the users to make or buy.

To me this law is a significant jump in authoritarianism; the idea to implement corporate/government censorship (& eventually surveillance) directly into the user’s ubiquitous generalist software.

The idea of legally-mandated mass-surveillance through ISPs is already default everywhere, but there is a significant step between “keep eyes on the infrastructure X uses” and “have X’s own device keep eyes on them”. If this becomes accepted practice, the barriers from browser level to OS level to hardware level are much lower.

The obvious analogy is the jump between “putting CCTV in malls and roads” and “putting CCTV in everybody’s living room”. Once you’ve crossed the line of getting in the house, it’s comparatively easy to argue for wiring bedrooms and ultimately even bathrooms.

It bothers me to see attempts to cross that line, and doubly so if they happen in my own country and I had to learn of them through a random, low participation post on a random international forum…


In France, “HADOPI” was the first move in mass surveillance lets not forget that. Then for protecting us from terrorists.

When the covid started, they also started to control what google for example will return you. It was so bad, that looking for scientific paper through a search engine was impossible. Still pretty much impossible to find information about certain events related to covid. Its not in you preferred billionaires magazines ? You out of luck!

In the start of the invasion of Ukrainia, the government have blocked lots of “russia propaganda” sites. What sites ? Good question :man_shrugging:

Each inches we let them took, will need to be fight against for god know how many years. :pensive: Almost forget that we are a “democracy”.

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Pourquoi pas? Vous ne voulez pas voir la tour eiffel ? :grin:

Oh no lol, I’m just agreeing that browser-based blocking is like, the worst way to block DNS queries… Assuming that’s what they are trying to do. And I don’t. I learned my lesson after Snowden. I absolutely do not trust any governments.

The “save the children!” is a Moral Panic, a manipulative method to try and force otherwise unpopular and harmful laws and policies onto citizens. It has a long history in the US, I.e. “Satanic panic”. We are still dealing with a recent wave of it in the US as the GOP in many states has successfully used that tactic to block “CRT” in schools and making life difficult for LGBTQIA+ to exist in public.