French governement wants to inject domain blocking lists directly into web browsers

Good! Yet still, judging by diametric polarity in some of the things written above - i’d say someone need to go back to school and learn some more, few very important lessons regarding actual morality have certainly been missed in the deep woods of reaction to moral panic! :laughing:

But unfortunately we can’t discuss flaming political topics on this forum, it’s prohibited by rules…so we have to figure out missing links individually.


They don’t teach you that at public schools…

I would say time to move

right article now lol


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Continuing the discussion from France Passes New Bill Allowing Police to Remotely Activate Cameras/microphones/localisation on Citizens' Phones:

ONLY if you make it political. It’s about people right to privacy. Luckily here in the states both peoples phones and wallets are protect from search.

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I am far from try to census freedom of speech:
There are only two issues on allowing these discussions here:

  1. users can not handle it in a civil way in many cases, wehat needs a Moderator tracking these threads and in cases using freetime to solve unbsolvable issues with users getting into war on each other …

  2. We are not a huge Organisation having loyals in the background, saving our sould in case something goes nuts, we are resposible as persons in real live for what happens here at the forum.


I am not questioning your decision but yes your judgement upon which the decision was made :wink:

Why not flag and hide the OP or others posting news article about the “politically smelly” subjects instead of removing specific posts commenting about it. Just saying :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

there'll be dragons!

What’s so “controversial” about this?


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Ask yourself why you need to offend me.

You can always communicate with me in a P.M. if there is something you do not like, but offending me because of my actions as a Moderator in this way is not civil and not respectful agains me.

It is not me in person creating the rules it is you, the community, making the rules a need in the first place.

We (EndeavourOS) have the lounge open for discussions, this is by design and something we want to keep but the lounge is not a place to discuss about politics:

Avoid polarizing content. We have a diverse member base spanning many geographies and cultures so please do not post content related to politics, religion or other controversial subjects.

And again… not me as a person i am a very open minded and friendly species, i do act as a Moderator for EndeavourOS Forum.

@pebcak feel free to P.M. me if you have any issue with a specific task, if you have a problem with me as a person you can also contact other Moderators or Admins.

@everyone keep an eye on the rules :hugs: keep it civil, think twice.


thats only hidden till the team is solving the flags. not removing these to hide them from public.

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Privacy itself is a sticky subject.

Problem is anything can be made political. My post was to raise concern about what laws are being passed. The law itself is interesting as I have heard issues speaking about wiretap and this basically being the same thing. I say its different because on a house phone you can only communicate however with your smart phone you are able to do so much more than just converse.

I think you are blowing this out of proportion.
I didn’t mean to offend you neither do I have any issue with you as person.

If you took questioning your judgement “in public” as offense, that was not my intention.

If my post that got hidden was offending to you since it linked to the last post by you on the other thread before it got locked up that’s another question.

By the way, apart from the OP in that thread which linked to a news article with possible political content, nothing else in that thread was political.

Anyways, far from my intention to offend you.

Thanks for the offer to PM you but I don’t think is needed.

Have a good day!

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Let’s please keep this discussion on topic, it’s all valid points you’re all raising - but it deserves either dedicated thread in forum section, or personal messages conf.


P.S. Facts are political!!11 :clown_face:

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drop your popcorn :beers:

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I mean i do not really have the time to read everything at the forum… special under current weather conditions, it will happen that i simply close threads from the title…

like this one here:

French governement wants to inject domain blocking lists directly into web browsers

thats political… no question :wink:

That’s a political decision.

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only to finalize…
Thank`s for clearing this!

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Sorry about the whole thing!
I do admit that that was a bit of a knee-jerk reaction on my side.
Let’s forget about it and move on!
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Historically censorship has never lead to a good outcome for a populace.

Unfortunately this topic is political. It’s also extremely important for the FOSS community. Politicians are making it impossible to divide the conversation in some ways as they are directly targeting us all here. This is a serious problem for us (FOSS), caused by a political party/government. So you can’t not talk about it, but you also can’t talk politics. . .

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Privacy itself is a political subject. People need privacy for two basic purposes in life. The first is for protection and the second is to hide. Most of the people in the wild world have been led to believe that privacy only deals with the need to “hide” and they being good law abiding citizens have nothing to hide. What they fail to understand is we all have things to protect. First and foremost is our finances.

We value privacy for the regards of keeping the money we worked very hard for. Until people are “Properly Educated” about what the actual privacy concerns are not only will Governments continue to infringe so will Corporations. Lets not forget these kinds of Agencies have data breeches, So eventually everyone. :smirk:

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it will be all like with DVD encryption :wink:

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