Forum laggy since latest update plus emojis on posts missing

The forum software received another update. That’s great. Another great-to-have feature (not a bug), I’m sure:

Besides emojis missing on the bottom of a post to click on - as to leave a short and quick “emoji-onal” comment on someone else’s post - being simply gone (forever?) there are a few other things, perhaps more worth a mention. (The emoji-thing has already been brought up by someone in another thread.)

Besides a new user-menu layout (upper-right corner of the screen), the system is laggy in this respect (and that to me is a BIG BUMMER as compared to before):

Whenever I browsed threads, log off and much later log on, the (my) browsed history is not kept up-to-date like it used to be. New items in my personal menu (upper right) appear, although they were long browsed before last log-out.

Another thing that bugs me:
Answered threads in that same user-menu appear to be unread or unanswered.

I think this whole new feature is as smart as ass.


Either the Discourse devs are writing super-crappy new code, or it is laggy, because one and every online-act has to go through Langley live.



I haven’t seen any decrease in performance since the latest update on my side.

I do notice that there are some differences in the way the notifications work that I haven’t fully come to understand yet.

I still remember when the EnOS team transferred their server, hw-wise. You were there. The Verschlimmbesserung (missing features from the older discourse version) was just akin to this new situation created through another software-update introduced by the Discourse devs.

I am not talking about response-times to the server, but this time I am talking about an apparent in-cohesiveness of their code, as lags explained above. :wink:

In my opinion, it’s a bad update. I am vexed by it.


That feature wasn’t an official Discourse plugin and hasn’t received updates for over two years. unless someone else picks up the project, it is unlikely that it is coming back.


Thanks for letting us know.

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I also mentioned it over here :wink: Discourse national flags and reacting directly with emojis are disabled

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Yeah, thanks again.

But I’m sure you remember the image-box to click and the “long winding road” to get it back working, after your server-migration (and unwillfully included SW upgrade).

The new issues are as described above. And they seem to deal with that actualization of the logged-in user’s menu (and they kept pissing me off over the last days).

Cheers, Bryan! - And thanks for everything! Keep up ze good work! :heart:

I would suggest you consider this a user issue, not a general one, until you make sure it is not a pebcak.
Whenever changes are done on the server side, clients are confused, which means caching and cookies may change/reset. This is a potential answer to your current frustrating issues, IMHO. :person_shrugging:

This was from personal experience with Discourse sites.

I just read this issue with a fresh pair of eyes, but do you still have this issue?
When the update borked, the forum was stuck, so I had to flush the cache to get it moving again. This might be the issue and not caused by the new update.

The main issue was that the plugins retort and national flags were causing errors, so I had to disable them to go further.

Thanks for checking again, no - today the issue did not occur again. I think it only happened yesterday and the day before, if I’m not mistaken.

That makes sense, Thursday was the day I flushed the cache.


My first reaction to the absence of reaction emojis was that I would be missing them.
Now a couple of days later, I realize that I don’t.

When it comes to flags (of any kind), I have never had any use for them, online or offline.

Last couple of hours it’s a bit laggy again, if that helps…

I determine it mainly by topics that i’ve read ain’t immediately automatically get marked as read


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Today I’ve tried uploading some screenshots from imgur (taken with flameshot) and they did not display on the forum, only textual links were achievable.

Yesterday, a YT link in the music thread didn’t display, either, only a textual link.

I wonder if this could actually be relevant to a latter upgrade, or not (including potential cache-issues)? Allthewhile it could be related to other issues (data-highway, imgur and youtube).

Here’s my dsl speed with music streaming in the background:

I had the same problem, found another link for the same video and it was fine.

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…and the issue can’t be closed @Bryanpwo.

Just now, in one and the same browser-session, the user menu (upper right) is constantly showing new notifications of posts I’ve already read, up to three(!!!) times, repeatedly.

This is very annoying, and definitely should not be so. (It never was before the last upgrade of forum soft, within the last two weeks).


Another thing I came across just now, if I search for older forum posts of mine, it can’t find them - as only much older posts appear in a done thread-search (2020 to 2022).

If I broaden the search to not related to my user, well the results are the same, although results from the last three weeks are included. But in between 2022 and the last three weeks, there appears to be a gap in results.

Not a biggie, just thought to let you know. :wink:

Just unbelievable. Now it does this with posts I already read 2-3 weeks ago!

There are long-time users who left the forum, and I might get closer to them if this doesn’t stop on logging in to the forum. (I keep cookies as saved for the forum in my browser.)

So I might revert my browser settings to delete all cookies on shut down, again. But that’s what the settings were before the issue came up in the first place.

This whole issue keeps annoying me, really.