Flash Player

Probably asking for trouble here so no lectures please.

I really need to access a site which is still asking for flash. Are there any browsers or ways that I can use.
I have tried downgrading firefox to no avail.

Use search first btw, there were already at least couple of threads :slight_smile:

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Hi - I managed to download an old version of firefox and flashplayer from the arch archive. Is working with
Firefox 68 and flashplayer (with all the big red warnings!)

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Probably because chrome has not been updated on windows since the 12/01? :star_struck:

Be glad the problem is just a web site:

Seriously though, is it to access the web site, or content from it? Adobe’s standalone player is still working, plus there are alternative players in the AUR.

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I know this is not what you want to hear, but the website owners really need to fix their site.


firefox 84 is the last support flashplugin, flashplugin transfered to the aur…

I have no argument with that. I have got around it using an old tablet with flashfox that has nothing else of importance on it…

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