Firefox 102 can remove trackers from URLs

Interesting, let’s hope this works!


Hope so too! I wonder how it compares with the ClearURLs addon - will need to do some research :mag:


Cudos to Mozilla for adding this, but I must give them a demerit for the option being disabled by default.


So we don’t need addons like neat url and ClearURLs anymore ?


If this is happening, then will its derivative like LibreWolf will also work like it ?

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Someone has asked this question:

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Nice new feature. Not sure why anyone who has a clue would be using Chrome :). If anyone is interested I’ve been maintaining my own list of domains/servers to block in your browser. These include Google Analytics etc on every website. Feel free to add to the list etc. Together we can block all the spys.


I don’t know. I’m not using LibreWolf, but I guess their dev site can tell more.

Okay. I was just thinking that since LibreWolf is based on FireFox, hence it might also come with this feature. I asked you because you are very experienced in this field, hence might know this on the basis of experience.

As of now, LibreWolf is yet to come on version 102.

Also, sorry to disturb you with my poor question.

To give a ‘handsome How-To’ between Marketing and the real world (Hello World!), I posted this in another thread:


This already proves you know more about LibreWolf than I. :wink:

No worries mate. Your question is of course not poor, and it very likely is interesting to all LibreWolf users.

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Oh…So you have to maintain list yourself
ClearURLs sounds better then :sweat_smile:

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Instead of ‘blindly’ using extensions, I would rather refer you to this:

In there, a list maintained by others can be installed as a ‘plugin’ to uBlockOrigin, named the
“Actually Legitimate URL Shortener Tool”…


Not that ClearURLs is blind as you say
But since i use uBlockOrigin anyways i guess i’ll stick with it :+1:

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I don’t think I ever said that.


Instead of ‘blindly’ using extensions

I guess that implied that you can not or doesn’t bother to check content of filters…


My initial point was more about maintaining it though, which Firefox’s list is not ideal option therefore…


I almost trust extension authors (if the extension is popular enough) more than I trust Mozilla, at this point…