Which privacy browser?

From a privacy perspective, a browser is only as good as it’s available extensions/plugins/add-ons ecosystem.

That is the big challenge with independent browsers.


Sir, while you were away, I tried the Nyxt Browser. Here is its look :


Though it has some usable features, but it is very resource heavy, due to which my system crashed. Also, scrolling through pages are also clumsy, which had poor impression on me.
Sorry for the delay.

There’s one thing that is rarely mentioned in discussions like this (also not here, if the search function can be trusted :wink:) but should be important at least for laptop-/notebook-users. I’m talking about ressource-/CPU-usage and battery life.
I have limited experience and can’t tell if it’s the same for every machine/scenario but I did a test recently on my notebook. I watch a lot of YouTube so I checked CPU usage while watching (the same) 1080p video on Brave and on FF:

CPU - Brave (1)
This is Brave

And this is FF

Quite a difference, huh? And, at least for me, a reason to use FF more often again on my notebook :fox_face:


Interesting. I’m using Chromium and Firefox when I watch online sports channels. Maybe I should do that comparison on my laptop also… :thinking:

I use firefox hardened with addons, i only change one thing in about:config to allow css themes.

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Remove tracking parameters from URLs (Firefox)

Firefox 96+ can remove tracking parameters from URLs when changing the top-level domain. For links within the same top-level domain, the parameters are not removed to avoid problems. This prevents cross-website tracking.

The feature is enabled with the following setting under “about:config”:

privacy.query_stripping.enabled = true

You also need to specify a list of parameters that should be removed. The following list of unique tracking IDs is used by Brave Browser and Librewolf:

privacy.query_stripping.strip_list = __hsfp __hssc __hstc __s _hsenc _openstat dclid fbclid gbraid gclid hsCtaTracking igshid mc_eid ml_subscriber ml_subscriber_hash msclkid oly_anon_id oly_enc_id rb_clickid s_cid twclid vero_conv vero_id wbraid wickedid yclid


Thank you, that is very helpful. I get unreasonably annoyed when I see links filled with junk and have to manually strip it before sending to someone.

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Today I came across this :

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Has anyone tried this one?

If you have, would you mind sharing your experience?

Never mind!
Reason: The latest release Nightly v87.0 - 2021-07-24

Brave roasts DuckDuckGo over Bing privacy exception

Brave, who was caught whitelisting facebook calls out duckduckgo for whitelisting microsoft. Makes total sense…

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Waterfox is basically Firefox ESR but even slower.

Hypocrisy. Vivaldi and Firefox for the win.

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It feels like they are targeting each other in order to save their face…


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Firefox handles it in a similar way with a different method as Brave did/does - whitelists it, but prevents it from tracking, so that certain functionality of websites still work, such as facebook login etc.

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Vivaldi is a proprietary browser. You don’t know what it whitelists.


It shouldn’t be whitelisting anything lol, and if it does then we can just install extensions.

Searching for vivaldi in this topic:


Perhaps you have interest and time to wade through all the posts :wink:

I agree. But since it’s source code is closed (and it is distributed as binary), you don’t know what it does.

True, but we don’t know what your bank exactly does either.

A man once said:

… as we know, there are known knowns; there are things we know we know. We also know there are known unknowns; that is to say we know there are some things we do not know. But there are also unknown unknowns—the ones we don’t know we don’t know…

This totally revolutionized my epistemological outlook of the world.
Perhaps it will do the same to yours?
:wink: :sweat_smile: