Fedora proposal to move AWAY from Gnome

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“The Fedora project is currently considering a change for future versions which would switch the default Workstation edition’s desktop from to KDE Plasma. GNOME has always been the primary desktop for the Fedora, but KDE’s Plasma desktop would offer a better experience. The features the proposal highlights are Plasma’s system tray, Wayland support, and a reduced learning curve for new Linux users”



Fedora plans to use search on :enos: forums!



I doubt that they would drop their Gnome flagship for KDE Plasma, the more logical choice would be to have two flagships instead of having a Fedora KDE Plasma Spin.

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Fedora plan to move AWAY from Gnome

Do they?

It seems to be a proposal at the moment.


I watched something that mentioned this propsal the other day, from memory I think it was a budgie dev who suggested it

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I’m assuming there is a good reason why they don’t just put a choice in the installer?

I would assume simpler to maintain just one DE as the default much easier to figure out issues if you are only focusing on one

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Fedora has also a network installer where you could customize your installation.

Look into Fedora Everything ISO.


This turmoil invite reminded me of Fedora Linux Is An Experimental Distro And That’s OK - YouTube … KDE Plasma6 has turned Arch into an experimental distro as well (or at least, a who-knows-how-much-more-is-broken-after-the-next-update distro). Plasma6 made me consider hopping to Debian to get two years of update relief, but, instead, I just switched from Plasma to Sway to wait out the storm (or maybe permanently).

The issues I’ve been having are very minimal with KDE 6, had a weird experience about an hour ago where for some reason on login the system was extremly laggy for about 5 minutes after booting but have rebooted twice since to try see if it happens again which it didn’t, hopefully it stays this way.

The idea of offering KDE as a workstation option next to Gnome seems really smart. I can see that happening more than just replacing Gnome. The initial proposal + discussion had some compelling arguments.

Edit: I didn’t realize KDE offered color management in wayland. Why isn’t that talked about more? And why is the “Design Suite” still using Gnome in that case??? Same with the other Wayland features in KDE.

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Yeah unfortunately even if there are merits to the argument (which, I don’t think it was presented in a particularly compelling way relative to the goals of the Fedora Project), the fact of who the messenger is also makes it seem less genuinely “pro-KDE” than “anti-GNOME”.


All I can say is that I don’t have a dog in that fight. I use neither gnome nor KDE. Oh well…


no dog here either. Don’t like either DE. Still I don’t think a proposal like this is a good idea, and if passed, would not be a good precedent. Can’t articulate though, if you ask. Maybe an eggs in one basket sentiment but I’m not sure.

in that link from 2021 (which I’ve read many times) JS laments the Gnome Team’s current attitudes about developing that are not in line with his own-he had some good points. Even in this 2021 dispatch he held hope of Gnome re-imaging itself. This quote I never could understand: “One of the biggest reasons I haven’t moved Budgie Desktop View over to GTK4 is the deprecation of numerous X11 APIs. These removals were done due to GNOME’s belief that the window manager should be the only piece of software controlling the positioning of the window, and that these APIs would for that reason not be Wayland friendly. Since GNOME’s focus has been promoting and pushing Wayland support, they have done so at the cost of support not just in X11, but also cross-platform support under macOS and Windows. I will get into more of the “cost” of lack of focus on X11 support in a bit”
I believe at solus he announced he would be embracing Wayland and abandoning (?) X11 eventually (simply not making it a login option).

Moot anyway.

As far as you ‘pro/anti’ comment, in his proposal to Fedora didn’t mention gnome once that I could read. So I’m inclined to agree with your assessment. I got no horse in this one either since I will always stick it out with Budgie.

Yup, I don’t disagree that there may be valid points in Joshua’s blog post - my issue is that dumping out a list of the claimed technical merits of KDE Plasma does not necessarily mean that any one Linux distribution should adopt it as the DE for its “flagship” edition.

However, that’s the change that was proposed, so I think the proposal was lacking in thinking of things from the perspective of the distribution’s/project’s identity and its primary userbase. There might also be valid reasons that relate to Fedora Workstation or the Fedora Project and its users, but I didn’t see those articulated in the benefits.

(Contrast that to Endeavour, where to my understanding, the positioning seemed quite clear: we have developers who like to work in KDE Plasma, we go where the volunteer work takes us, so KDE Plasma is the new default)

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WM moment :handshake:

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Yeah, the fact that Josh Strobl who proposed this make it seems disingenuous to say the least.

Josh Strobl has been sabotaging GNOME left and right, Budgie is lacked funding and in return slow progress in developing Magpie, a leech-fork of Mutter for Budgie in Debian Sid, which makes GNOME 45 and up hasn’t been updated because Debian Sid developer for some reason unable to move upgrade GNOME packages without borking Budgie.

I asked Josh, twice in two different account, with polite language, to focus on Budgie and work on Magpie, but I blocked twice. This man is not willing to listen to your criticism and live in a bubble. You can hate GNOME developer all you want but they’ll not block you. I know this personally.

In fact if you have a Fedi/Mastodon account, type this “Please focus on Budgie instead, Josh” on any of his post, he will block you within a day.

Also, if you check their Matrix group (Buddy of budgie), it’s clear that the intention is less about “let’s make fedora better”. Their true intention? Nobody knows. Disruption? Out of spite?

Like I said, their time is better spent on working on Budgie instead of pulling stunt like this.

There is case to be made for KDE to be default Fedora spin, for sure, but this cannot come from this man.

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