Fedora proposal to move AWAY from Gnome

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I’ve digitally known and talked to Josh since 2017 (seven years) and while hard-headed, I don’t believe he operates vindictively in the way you describe here–specifically the part I clipped ^. I think he’s one of the few linux visionaries left along with Ikey.
Gnome wants to gut X11 and its support entirely to develop Wayland. It’s maybe in this lack of compromise that some devs feel it’s moving to fast since half of linux is X11? (rhetorical; spitballing).
I also think they have a pretty good handle on Magpie at the moment (two cents as a budgie user) although I will concede at present just ‘pretty good.’

Not for nothing, but I don’t blame him one bit. That sounds super annoying.

I wouldn’t take it too personally; he probably has a ton of armchair quarterbacks telling him what he should or should not be doing with his time and talents, and most likely makes an effort to tune them out for his own mental well-being


I agree, it can be annoying, but nothing can be resolved if he keep inside his bubble and refused to speak with those who he disagreed with.

It isn’t nice to insult your donor. “Armchair Quarterbacks”, I do not know what this mean exactly. Budgie lacked funding, alienating potential donors wouldn’t help your cause whatsoever.

I have no doubt that he is a visionary. But is he a Tony Stark or Justin Hammer?

Edit, not english speakers, might sound weird, so I just quote this:

I believe that he is being vindictive. You can try asking him that, but I am 75% sure he would be offended simply because you asked. Of course my point of view is completely biased.

I wish the best of luck to budgie, and given Josh recent stunt, I hope Budgie can leech into KDE instead of GNOME in the future.

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What difference does it really make though? They have the KDE spin, which to my understanding is just as up to date as workstation Gnome Fedora?

Regardless I can’t help but think more people prefer KDE anyway. Gnome to me is clunky, awkward and counter intuitive