Favorite custom ROM?

What is your favorite custom ROM for Android?

Mine are SuperiorOS, Derpfest and Matrixx.

I’m currently running LineageOS, I’m happy with that. Before that I was using /e/, which was fine, too, and at least came pre-installed.


Yeah LineageOS was pretty good. :+1:

Heard a lot about GrapheneOS. This is only for Pixels right?

So far, but they plan to make their own custom device in the future.

GrapheneOS is just nice. I can’t imagine using anything else.

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Oh really? Custom device sounds dope. Can’t wait.


CalyxOS: In my family we are running four pixels with it and will be running a FP5 when CalyxOS is released for it

Many Graphene users, nice.

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Haven’t used CalyxOS yet, i wanna use it, maybe in the future i hope.