Everytime I move my mouse, it wakes the PC up from hibernation

When I hibernate my PC, it wakes if I move the mouse which is something I don’t want.

I believe somewhere in /proc/acpi/wakeup or in a different file or something, I have to disable some element or something like that.

But I have to do this everytime I reboot my PC which is annoying. I get it there is some startup file or something where I can just dump commands and it will automatically execute everytime I start my PC, but why does this /proc/acpi/wakeup file keep being overwritten everytime I start my PC up? Can’t I permanently disable the elements inside that file so there is no need to run a script everytime I reboot my PC?

See on Windows 10, I can go to device manager and look for my mouse and disable it through there, and permanently I don’t have to worry about it again, it’s not like it will have to run the same command everytime I reboot my PC so isn’t there something I can do for Linux as well?

Also just out of curiosity, if I move the mouse, how does that wake the PC up? I thought hibernation was supposed to shut the PC off or something? So how would it know that the mouse means to wake the PC up, what does Linux do actually to my PC to tell it to wake up when I move the mouse?

What does any of that have to do with chromium?

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Sorry I think I messed up with the title I changed it.

It sounds like the PC has suspended, not hibernated. Under hibernation, the power to the PC is off. Does your PC have any indicator lights? How long does it take to restore the desktop?

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Just configure in the bios what devices are allowed to wake up your PC
e.g USB devices keyboard, mouse …

The same thing used to happen on Windows 10 as well, but through device manager I disabled the setting for my mouse to wake PC up upon boot.

On both Windows and Linux, I did physically disconnect my computer from the power cable, and reconnected it and it would still restore my session, meaning it was hibernated, not sleeping.

other than when it is on, nope mate :frowning:

about 10 seconds ish, and it does go through the post test when I do turn my PC on.

I will give that a shot and let you know mate :slight_smile:

I think moving the mouse doesn’t wake the computer from hibernation, just pressing the power button. At least I’ve experienced this, but correct me if I’m wrong. What do you think will probably be the suspension, right?

suspension is sleep, isn’t it?

Can’t seem to find a setting, I see that the keyboard and mouse are already disabled to wake pc up from power off. Those were the most relevant settings I could find.

maybe it is just the screen waking up, and the system does no sleep at all

That sounds much more than hibernate then :thinking: (I always go for the obvious first - I once spent half an hour thinking a PC had died, having forgotten that I’d turned off the power at the wall socket :man_facepalming: ).

I see that you’ve had a similar problem before:

Internet searches have turned up nothing so far (at least for Linux), but I’ll keep looking :mag:

It goes through the post test as I here that sound when the post test has succeeded, you know that minispeaker that tower computers have?

It was a similar issue with Windows as well but through device manager I have to disable my mouse from waking the PC up then it is fine. I have even tested to make sure it was really hibernating and not just sleeping but disconnecting it from the power source and then reconnecting it and my session was resumed.

I always used to think that was some kind of meme or something but never knew it actually happens with people lol :slight_smile:

Yeah I never really came to resolving it mate :slight_smile:

I have been doing the same thing as well, but thanks mate =D

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Thanks… :joy:

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So apparently according to some other people, there is S states between S1 - S5, S5 being compeltely off, hibernation is deep sleep but it does not put it to S5 state. And it appears that both Windows and Linux does this. Is there a way to make hibernate into S5 state?

It sounds to me like you are in sleep, not hibernation. Desktop or laptop?? I assume this is a laptop since I personally don’t really understand the need for hibernation on a desktop as you should almost always have power, or be off. But I don’t own a desktop, so maybe I’m wrong.

Hibernation should not wake up from the mouse as your computer is off. Hibernation is suspend to disk, so your session is written to the HD and the computer off.

Sleep is suspend to ram so your session is suspended to ram and your computer is almost off.

nano /etc/default/grub

please post your grub boot loader config

and if you setup your hibernation with a swapfile - please also output of swapon

How did you setup hibernation??

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On my laptop this is not an issue, only on my desktop (tower) computer. I hibernate it cause I don’t want to open things up again and I don’t want it to waste power.

It shouldn’t you are right, but on both Windows and Linux by default if I move the mouse then it wakes it up. Like I litereally press on the hibernate button in the start menu. When my PC turns on it goes through the post test unlike sleep.

I spoke to another bloke and apparently he tells me that with hibernation, even though it saves stuff into the disk, it is in S4 state in order to resume it quickly your PC whereas S5 is compeltely off.

and sleep is S3.

To be honest with you I completely have removed Linux but yeah I could reinstall it and post the grub configuration and hibernation.

I have no idea what any of that is. That’s nothing I’ve heard of.

And if Linux is off your computer I can’t so much help with that. Assuming this is Windows 10 - you went into control panel to advanced power options and enabled hibernation?

If so, and the mouse still wakes it. . . I would assume it’s a firmware option. And/or it’s maybe plugged into a USB port that is always on. I know I can have one always on for charging for instance. If it’s plugged into it and you move the mouse it may wake it up. I’m stretching on that one though.

But for reference if you’re asking for help solving an issue, we usually need things from terminal to make it happen.

Yeah I am going to install it soon now and get back to it.