Error while loading shared libraries:; cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

Hello i’m on latest Endevour OS with gnome, i have problems with the latest updates.
After, i think, the update of icu from version 73.2-2 to 74.2-1 some apps, like terminal, consolle, timeshft give me this error:
error while loading shared libraries:; cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

The apps doen’t launch at all.
Thanks to btrfs i loaded a snapshot, for now i’m ok but i can’t update my system.

Someone got the same problem?
Any solution?
Thanks in advance for any help.

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you did a partial update.

Completely update your system and if the issue still happens, refresh your mirrorlist and update again.

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Hello, thanks for the reply.
I used yay -Syyu but the problem still there

yeah so you need to refresh your mirrorlist.
Should work best from within the welcome - App or by using reflector

Hello, i refreshed the mirrorlist from welcome app (Arch, reflector-simple) and then yay -Syyu but the problem still there : /

gnome-terminal and other apps doesn’t work, same error.

I need to use UXTerm

Give the results of this:

locate libicuuc

What is the output of this command:

grep -i ignore /etc/pacman.conf

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i’m sorry but i can’t copy/paste with this terminal :frowning:

Your system seems to be missing icu package:
Download and install it manually from here:

There are in /usr/lib

Try a short workaround, create a symlink pointing to, to check that you can open gnome-terminal and others.

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i donwloaded the package manually and installed it with sudo pacman -u --noconfirm icu-74.2-1-x86_64.pkg.tar.zst but nothing changed

after creating the link the error changed
now the error is about libvte

The system seems broken due to partial upgrade, try locate libvte in the same directory, this is the package that provides it:

the libs are in the same folder

the package installed is vte3-notification

Can I do a total upgrade in a different mode from yay -Syyu ?
To be honest I don’t think I’ve done anything strange and I haven’t any idea on how to fix it