Error while installing endaviourOs with dual live boot usb

Here, is my problem.

Job: create a new participation table on device ‘/dev/sdb’.

please anyone help me.
It’s my first time using this distro and got stucked in this problem.

Tried a lot by creating gpt with different participations but every time this error pops up.

Need your help !!!

Check out this forum thread.

Do you want to install Endeavouros on a USB stick? Is that correct?

show the output of:



sudo parted -l

Yes, that’s correct

It looks like you are trying to install on the device that is holding up the live session–is that right? That will not work.

You could use two separate USB sticks, one to boot to the installer and one to install to, or you could start up a VM and install to the USB stick from there.

A more interesting option would be to change the copytoram=n kernel parameter to copytoram=y, so the live session runs from RAM–that might allow you to install to the same stick.

Or try the method described in this blog post, which involves removing the boot flag from the disk:

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Thanks for suggesting

It’s much better to install on an external sdd.


Bro now i want to install this distro as main OS but as it’s my first time using it. That’s why i don’t know to to install it in a better way with gurb and with its latest version . So i want someone to guide me to do a full installation of this OS . help me bro

I assume then you want to install it on the 1 TB drive you have that is listed as /dev/sda. Does this have Windows installed on it? Is it your intention to dual boot with Windows or are you wiping it out and installing just EndeavourOS?

In your post above you said yes to this question? So it is confusing.

Looks like you have a 1TB drive which is /dev/sda
Does this currently have Windows on it. Is the system UEFI as i see it is a GPT partition.

Can you boot on the live ISO and post a link for

inxi -Faz | eos-sendlog

Please give some answers to the questions so we know what you are wanting to do.


Before i wanted to dual boot with windows and endeavouros but now i just wanted to wipe out the windows and use this linux distroo

Even simpler, @Astra. Just pick that option in the installer and fire away.

Just be sure to point the installation at sda instead of sdb (sdb is your USB thumb drive).

Thank u bro

Make sure you have secure boot and CSM disabled in UEFI Bios.

Sir i got a little confuse while installing distro

In my laptop i had 1ssd 1hdd

So while installing disto on partitions section i only get to see my hdd and usb drive

Is there any problem ???

And sir i m asking this becz i want to make my ssd as my laptop’s main drive that why i got a little curious on the partitions.

And i want install this distro on sdd

No there is no problem. You just select the type of install you want and file system such as ext4 or btrfs. There is erase disc with swap file and ext4 or btrfs or xfs. Or you can choose no swap, swap with hibernation, or swap no hibernate.

This is going to erase the whole drive and install EndeavourOS on the ssd drive.

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Sir it didn’t worked i erase all my data of harddrive and the installation was successful but after restarting the laptop again windows was opened and now my laptop isn’t slowing my harddrive

What is the problem sirr ???

Sir now after booting my ssd has Windows and hdd has linux

I just want one linux Os what should i do sir ??