EndeavourOS XFCE Junk Removal - Lotus Style

Having recently had some success with the help of our forum with the Lotus style removal of junk packages such as imagemagick making EnOS XFCE a little more Lightweight. A New Year’s slimming resolution or revolution :wink:

I am wondering what else can be removed by sudo pacman -Rs as I only noticed imagemagick by accident whilst it was being updated with a general system update.

As I have no need of toy town animations, transparent windows, pinky purple icons, ghastly wallpaper; perhaps I could start by junking these features and their dependents, libraries etc? :thinking:

I can’t believe that imagemagick, zbar and gst-plugins-bad are the only unwanted superfluous packages in the now bloated XFCE environment or are they part of the offline install EnOS…? :thinking:

Is there a way of listing command-line interface (CLI) based applications…?

Is there a way of listing junk superfluous applications that have remained unused since the initial installation…?

Perhaps remove some tabs from that handy welcome panel-window or should I really just remove it entirely – Lotus style…? :racing_car:

It would seem others back in 2009 tried to keep Arch true to it’s minimalist approach by trying to make XFCE minimal. :relieved:


Is there a case for having a minimal community version of XFCE…? Or a community offline EOS installation with a true lightweight desktop environment…? And no – I do not want just a window manager or TTY whatever…! :roll_eyes:

Arch Linux Quote - “The default installation is a minimal base system, configured by the user to only add what is purposely required.” A very clear admirable statement don’t you think? :thinking: It should be abundantly clear to all just how comfortably Arch and Colin Chapman Lotus sit together opposing today’s on trend obese environments. Pity to have a distro+DE that does not adhere to, let alone recognise such basic Colin Chapman Lotus or Arch principles. :wink:

So I hope, with help from our forum, to at least whittle away some of the lard if not surgically remove it and anything else that is not “purposely required” and have the Colin Chapman satisfaction of getting the job done with less – far less…! :smiling_face: :wink:

Every person has a different image of what “minimal” means. We have just as many people complain the current version is too minimal as not minimal enough. There is nothing that will satisfy everyone. What is currently provided is the balance between minimalism and functionality that the team thinks strikes a balance based on community feedback.

If you want that, instead of stripping it down, why not build it up? You can literally uncheck everything in the installer and then install only the packages you want on your system.


First of all xfce is minimal and do not like this statement!


You can unselect anything you don’t want prior to install within Calamares.

I’m assuming you also are referring to the Themed EOS install - You can install online and install a base unaltered XFCE as well if you don’t like the bar and what not. We gotta have some sort of flagship look though.


" https://wiki.archlinux.org/title/Installation_guide "

your " Lotus Style "

EDit … i add this , think you need on toaster

"https://archlinux32.org/ "


Agreed – that is why I was enquiring about a lighter community edition for people who do not like bloat. :face_with_monocle:

Interesting objective thinking – a bit scary though as I now have a reliable, aesthetically pleasing system on my Dell i7 laptop. Had freeze ups trying to install via dongle connection so ended up with the offline version. Not that keen to mess it up as I am no expert Archer. Still I do have the HP laptop to fall back on. Good suggestion though :ok_hand:

Well you got that part right – I have tested many distros and can say that I am most impressed with you flagship’s presentation especially after the bad experience with that other Arch distro which some consider to be Top of the Pops.

Just try and appreciate that compared to what was wiped off my Dell you are over 400% heavier – it comes as a bit of a shock :scream: :wink:

The current edition is one for people who don’t like bloat.

You want an even more minimal system than that. This is fine but it is your personal preference, we don’t need an edition for that.

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What was wiped off of your Dell? What do you mean by 400% heavier? Packages? Ram used? Percentages are a terrible way to look at literally anything at all - it’s why the media uses them so much. The difference between 1 and 4 is 400% . . . but it’s also not very much at all.

You can install just the flat base system and install from there. It’s for people who know exactly what they want. It may be a much better option for you.


Install Arch Linux. Add only what you desire to the base installation. Be happy.

I am.


If you can’t/don’t want to install Arch - yet you also know exactly what you want from your system - I’ve had several great experiences with Archfi.

**Just wanted to note - when using Archfi you really do need to know what you’re doing as you will end up running Arch, but will not be able to receive any help from their forum as it’s not installed properly. It’s not for beginners in the slightest, and I would dare almost not suggest it for intermediate users who aren’t very confident in their system.


As @dalto said enos main idea is to be less with bloat not to be one of the stripped-down distros out there. Minimalness of enos stands for not unwanted software packed with the distro and having enough packages that allow enos to run without as less issues as possible.

If you want a stripped-down enos just un-tick everything under an online installation just tick the basic system with a terminal. Or if you prefer something with a DE there’s ArchLabs even their installer use less amount of RAM.

And I really don’t see why this topic is under Desktop Environment >> XFCE. This should be under Lounge this is not a thread asking for help this is just a post about some once preference of having a stripped-down version of Endeavour.

And from posts, you have been making Endeavour base is also too much bloat. Best thing is to install base Arch which is not that hard to do, and install what you prefer.


But I’m not happy until I make you do what I want!


If you really want such a minimal install stick to arch or remove the packages after installing, you seem capable of doing either. (BTW sorry not trying to be harsh just calling it as I see)

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I am in agreement with above statement.

Your obsession with the word minimal is well-known and your interpretation does not always align with the majority - yet - instead of accepting that you evangelize about your interpretation in the most annoying manner.

I suggest you get yourself an Arch ISO - start there - and see where you end - then you get your minimalist install - but you have to use a lot more time to get to the point of satisfying minimalism.


Headless+TTY=Citroën 2CV

What is “Lotus style?”

Is that like when I go to IN-N-OUT and get my burger protein style? Like a secret Arch menu??

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That’s why I always make my system much heavier after installation. Everything needs to be ready for use,at any time.

I love bloat. :wink:


Nothing wrong with bloat if you have the right hardware. It just works the same.

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the car brand “Lotus”

their cars are known for being fast because they are lightweight


Oh ya. I love Lotus. They make some of my absolute favorite cars ever.