Where is Imagemagick…?

Where is Imagemagick…? Lost and Found.
I only just noticed as it was listed in today’s update for updating.

[anglo@anglo-latitudee6420 ~]$ pacman -Ss imagemagick
extra/imagemagick [installed]
    An image viewing/manipulation program
    An image viewing/manipulation program (manual and API docs)
community/php-imagick 3.7.0-2
    PHP extension to create and modify images using the ImageMagick library
community/php7-imagick 3.7.0-2
    PHP extension to create and modify images using the ImageMagick library

It does not appear under offline XFCE EndeavourOS menu…? Can I delete it as Ristretto image viewer for the Xfce desktop environment works fine as does GIMP.

It is a mostly a library and cli utility.

Check to see if one of your other applications is using it in the background.

pactree -r imagemagick

You could - but you would probably regret it sooner or later. It is not similar to Ristretto or Nomacs, it is an image manipulation setup. You can feed it an image, and get something back (quickly) that meets your criteria. The least of its capabilities is to swap between file types (and qualities) along with resize by pixel count or percentage or…

You can apply all kinds of effects to things on the fly… just listing what it can do would be excessive! I suggest you look it up a bit before deciding, although I wouldn’t use it to view images as alternatives are simpler.

$ pacman -Ql imagemagick | grep bin
imagemagick /usr/bin/
imagemagick /usr/bin/Magick++-config
imagemagick /usr/bin/MagickCore-config
imagemagick /usr/bin/MagickWand-config
imagemagick /usr/bin/animate
imagemagick /usr/bin/compare
imagemagick /usr/bin/composite
imagemagick /usr/bin/conjure
imagemagick /usr/bin/convert
imagemagick /usr/bin/display
imagemagick /usr/bin/identify
imagemagick /usr/bin/import
imagemagick /usr/bin/magick
imagemagick /usr/bin/magick-script
imagemagick /usr/bin/mogrify
imagemagick /usr/bin/montage
imagemagick /usr/bin/stream

It’s a CLI-based application, there are no desktop launchers/shortcuts.

Sure. You’re in control of your own system, you’re entitled to do what you want with it. :wink:


ImageMagick is a TUI image editor. A very nice program.

You can use it to convert images between various formats, crop, rotate, resample, recolour and apply pixel-space transformation, apply filters, adjust contrast, apply perspective transformation, convolutions, blur, remove noise, compose multiple images into one, and much more, all from the comfort of your terminal. No GUI. :slight_smile:

Here is the documentation:

It’s quite a deep rabbit hole.

Also, Magick++ is a very useful C++ API that allows you to harness the power of ImageMagick from within your C++ program. I used it in my experimental terminal image rasteriser called Fay.


Still not sure of consequences as…

[anglo@anglo-latitudee6420 ~]$ pactree -r imagemagick
[anglo@anglo-latitudee6420 ~]$ pacman -Ss zbar
extra/zbar 0.23.1-9 [installed]
    Application and library for reading bar codes from various sources

You talking Moi :open_mouth: - Me in control of my own system :shushing_face: :slightly_smiling_face: :sweat_smile: :joy:

The consequences are you will also have to remove zbar and gst-plugins-bad. gst-plugins-bad is an optional dependency for many media players. If you don’t need whatever it provides, you can remove it/them.

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Has it gone :face_with_monocle:

[anglo@anglo-latitudee6420 ~]$ sudo pacman -Rs imagemagick
[sudo] password for anglo: 
checking dependencies...
error: failed to prepare transaction (could not satisfy dependencies)
:: removing imagemagick breaks dependency 'imagemagick' required by zbar
[anglo@anglo-latitudee6420 ~]$ sudo pacman -Rs zbar
checking dependencies...
error: failed to prepare transaction (could not satisfy dependencies)
:: removing zbar breaks dependency 'zbar' required by gst-plugins-bad
[anglo@anglo-latitudee6420 ~]$ sudo pacman -Rs gst-plugins-bad
checking dependencies...
:: alsa-plugins optionally requires libavtp: for pcm_aaf plugin
:: alsa-utils optionally requires fftw: for alsabat
:: boost-libs optionally requires openmpi: for mpi support
:: eos-apps-info optionally requires imagemagick: save space with picture files
:: neofetch optionally requires imagemagick: Image cropping / Thumbnail creation / Take a screenshot
:: parole optionally requires gst-plugins-bad: Extra media codecs
:: webkit2gtk optionally requires gst-plugins-bad: media decoding

Package (41)          Old Version          Net Change

chromaprint           1.5.1-1               -0.12 MiB
faac                  1.30-3                -0.15 MiB
faad2                 2.10.0-1              -0.57 MiB
fftw                  3.3.10-1              -9.72 MiB
fluidsynth            2.2.5-1               -0.67 MiB
gssdp                    -0.23 MiB
gst-plugins-bad-libs  1.18.5-5              -8.29 MiB
gupnp                 1:1.4.3-1             -1.49 MiB
gupnp-igd             1.2.0-2               -0.11 MiB
hwloc                 2.7.0-1               -1.53 MiB
imagemagick            -10.22 MiB
libavtp               0.1.0-2               -0.04 MiB
libbs2b               3.1.0-7               -0.07 MiB
libdc1394             2.2.6-2               -0.36 MiB
libdca                0.0.7-1               -0.22 MiB
libdvdnav             6.1.1-1               -0.16 MiB
libgme                0.6.3-1               -3.16 MiB
libinstpatch          1.1.6-1               -1.18 MiB
libkate               0.4.1-7               -0.32 MiB
liblqr                0.4.2-3               -0.09 MiB
liblrdf               0.6.1-4               -0.05 MiB
libmicrodns           0.2.0-1               -0.04 MiB
libmms                0.6.4-3               -0.08 MiB
libmpcdec             1:0.1+r475-3          -0.10 MiB
libnice               0.1.18-2              -1.79 MiB
libofa                0.9.3-9               -0.16 MiB
libraqm               0.8.0-1               -0.14 MiB
libsrtp               1:2.4.2-1             -0.38 MiB
mjpegtools            2.2.1-1               -2.25 MiB
openal                1.21.1-2              -1.47 MiB
openmpi               4.1.2-1              -10.64 MiB
portaudio             1:19.7.0-1            -0.34 MiB
rtmpdump              1:2.4.r99.f1b83c1-1   -0.26 MiB
soundtouch            2.3.1-1               -0.20 MiB
spandsp               0.0.6-3               -1.61 MiB
svt-hevc              1.5.1-1               -3.28 MiB
wildmidi              0.4.4-1               -0.22 MiB
zbar                  0.23.1-9              -0.78 MiB
zvbi                  0.2.35-4              -1.23 MiB
zxing-cpp             1.2.0-1               -1.51 MiB
gst-plugins-bad       1.18.5-5              -3.46 MiB

Total Removed Size:  68.65 MiB

:: Do you want to remove these packages? [Y/n] Y
:: Running pre-transaction hooks...
(1/1) Removing old entries from the info directory file...
:: Processing package changes...
( 1/41) removing gst-plugins-bad                             [--------------------------------] 100%
( 2/41) removing zxing-cpp                                   [--------------------------------] 100%
( 3/41) removing zvbi                                        [--------------------------------] 100%
( 4/41) removing zbar                                        [--------------------------------] 100%
( 5/41) removing imagemagick                                 [--------------------------------] 100%
( 6/41) removing libraqm                                     [--------------------------------] 100%
( 7/41) removing liblqr                                      [--------------------------------] 100%
( 8/41) removing wildmidi                                    [--------------------------------] 100%
( 9/41) removing svt-hevc                                    [--------------------------------] 100%
(10/41) removing spandsp                                     [--------------------------------] 100%
(11/41) removing soundtouch                                  [--------------------------------] 100%
(12/41) removing rtmpdump                                    [--------------------------------] 100%
(13/41) removing openal                                      [--------------------------------] 100%
(14/41) removing mjpegtools                                  [--------------------------------] 100%
(15/41) removing libsrtp                                     [--------------------------------] 100%
(16/41) removing libofa                                      [--------------------------------] 100%
(17/41) removing fftw                                        [--------------------------------] 100%
(18/41) removing openmpi                                     [--------------------------------] 100%
(19/41) removing hwloc                                       [--------------------------------] 100%
(20/41) removing libnice                                     [--------------------------------] 100%
(21/41) removing gupnp-igd                                   [--------------------------------] 100%
(22/41) removing gupnp                                       [--------------------------------] 100%
(23/41) removing gssdp                                       [--------------------------------] 100%
(24/41) removing libmpcdec                                   [--------------------------------] 100%
(25/41) removing libmms                                      [--------------------------------] 100%
(26/41) removing libmicrodns                                 [--------------------------------] 100%
(27/41) removing liblrdf                                     [--------------------------------] 100%
(28/41) removing libkate                                     [--------------------------------] 100%
(29/41) removing libgme                                      [--------------------------------] 100%
(30/41) removing libdvdnav                                   [--------------------------------] 100%
(31/41) removing libdca                                      [--------------------------------] 100%
(32/41) removing libdc1394                                   [--------------------------------] 100%
(33/41) removing libbs2b                                     [--------------------------------] 100%
(34/41) removing libavtp                                     [--------------------------------] 100%
(35/41) removing gst-plugins-bad-libs                        [--------------------------------] 100%
(36/41) removing fluidsynth                                  [--------------------------------] 100%
(37/41) removing portaudio                                   [--------------------------------] 100%
(38/41) removing libinstpatch                                [--------------------------------] 100%
(39/41) removing faad2                                       [--------------------------------] 100%
(40/41) removing faac                                        [--------------------------------] 100%
(41/41) removing chromaprint                                 [--------------------------------] 100%
:: Running post-transaction hooks...
(1/3) Arming ConditionNeedsUpdate...
(2/3) Reloading system bus configuration...
(3/3) Updating the desktop file MIME type cache...
[anglo@anglo-latitudee6420 ~]$ ^C
[anglo@anglo-latitudee6420 ~]$ sudo pacman -Rs zbar
error: target not found: zbar
[anglo@anglo-latitudee6420 ~]$ sudo pacman -Rs imagemagick
error: target not found: imagemagick
[anglo@anglo-latitudee6420 ~]$ pacman -Ss imagemagick
    An image viewing/manipulation program
    An image viewing/manipulation program (manual and API docs)
community/php-imagick 3.7.0-2
    PHP extension to create and modify images using the ImageMagick library
community/php7-imagick 3.7.0-2
    PHP extension to create and modify images using the ImageMagick library
[anglo@anglo-latitudee6420 ~]$

See end rows - Is it cool to reboot now - thanks :thinking:

You removed all the dependencies of gst-plugins-bad. This is probably OK. They all would have become orphans except for libavtp, fftw and openmpi for the reasons described in your output.

I am not familiar with all those packages but the mostly look like media-related packages and none of them were a hard dependency of something else so rebooting shouldn’t be an issue.

For future reference, if you want to remove a package and the things that are dependent on it you can use pacman -Rc.

In your case, pacman -Rc imagemagick would have removed imagemagick, zbar, gst-plugins-bad and nothing else.

I hear what you say but my intension was, and still is, to remove as much junk as possible but thank you for the extra knowledge or command permatation. :+1:

Having rebooted and updated without issue would like to say - Thanks again to all – everything seems :ok_hand: after removal of unwanted packages imagemagick, zbar and gst-plugins-bad and all their dependents. :slightly_smiling_face:

Trust this is upholding Endeavour’s ethos of keeping it light and simple :kiss: KISS

Wo – I might be able to get near to the efficiency of Trisquel gnu-linux soon. :shushing_face: :smile:

Great to be continuing in my own small way with the British tradition of removing stuff to get lighter and faster pioneered by the greatest motor engineer ever – Colin Chapman of Lotus who’s motto was “Simplicate and add lightness” and came to win world championships and change motor sport for ever. :racing_car: (USA excluded)

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I thought he did a bit of a job on the States too - at Indy… It just never rose to religion status there (though perhaps it should have!) No else has ever been quite so focused on that though!

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And if the terminal is out of the question, one can compose service menus or custom actions with ImageMagick commands to use from GUI file managers such as Dolphin or Thunar.

True enough - I have custom actions for posting a pic as wallpaper, and for converting .png to jpg (to shrink for posting) and so on. Great tool to have waiting on hand…

Looks like you saved about 69 MiB in exchange for a lot of potential image and multimedia capability. If you never need what these packages provide, I guess you achieved your goal. I hope you are not starving for disk space, or does the 69 MiB comes in handy? :slight_smile:


Hey Dude @freebird54 – I am impressed with your knowledge – not a lot of people know of how the Yanks laughed at his tiny, compact, lightweight, streamlined, small engined car with minimal cross section or frontal area. How they laughed at the initial failure – guess Colin Chapman Lotus had the last laugh when they returned and thrashed the American muscle cars at Indy? It was great when I used to take my Metro to Track Days – how they laughed at my shopping trolley! Then people would come to you in the paddock and ask if you are or were a racing driver. I would say no way and offer them the keys saying it’s so easy – have a go. Great fun! :racing_car: :smiley:

BTW do you know of the John Britten motorcycle? I would say a Lotus on two wheels – RIP. :motorcycle:

Hi @eznix and those who added likes – Please tell me where to look for trouble as I am having no trouble at all with “image and multimedia capability” in so far that large images are handled by GIMP faultlessly and I am experiencing no trouble at all with web videos.

Yes I achieved my goal of removing some lard such as imagemagick, zbar and gst-plugins-bad - but I am now looking to remove more lard Lotus style to get the job done with less. How cool is that – efficiency personified…! :wink:

However as some are anxious to close this topic down – it has served some purpose – It does deserve a Topic of its own.

Thanks guys…

Not as up on bikes, I’m afraid… :grin: Might be worth a check though. I learned a bit about Lotus from a scoutmaster’s Lotus Cortina (which I snuck a drive or two in) and from a few sessions on a ex-RAF airfield with an Elan. I was lucky to be tall enough to do that at age 13!

Alas, we returned here (Canada) thereafter, and all the cars I could get my hands on were Austins (1800, Mini) and such.

As for Imagamagick being lard - I guess you can get by without it. However, when it comes to getting the job done, taking 20 minutes in GIMP - or 1 second in Imagemagick - makes the bloat definition harder to buy into!

That said, your box, your rules. :grin:

7 forever!

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At one time worked, installed CAD-CAM, for Richard Jenvey who previously raced a Lotus Esprit at LeMans amongst other exploits. There I contributed to the Radical SR8 sports car that set the record at Nürburgring Nordschleife track record. Remarkably, the record lap was done on the same set of tyres that were used to drive the car from factory in England to the track in Germany. About 1972 a friend used to drive a Lotus Cortina so I know how it performed in the day. Shame you had to drive the Elan at an airfield – like most lightweight vehicles it is their stunning agility that shines strongest. Twisty country lanes at 100mph gives a good rush as the scenery is touchable…! :crazy_face:

At the start of my Linux journey (buntu) I noticed Imagemagick and dismissed it quickly as it seemed a bit childish or Disneyesque. Imagemagick is not lard is such only when it is embedded and unused in other software surplus to requirements – bloat or lard in my book. Sorry for any misunderstanding. :anguished:

Wow :astonished: – this is the most exciting linux news in ages. You are kidding me, n’est pas? Do tell more – I can’t wait to check this out…! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

This was, of course, drawn from life - but the precise times quoted were “YMMV” items. Someone more skilled with GIMP could undoubtedly beat my time there… However, to end up with a resized, format changed, colour altered version of a .png takes FAR more time than a single line to ‘convert’ from Imagemagick. It truly is a timesaver…

As for the airfield usage on the Elan - Even given my size, at 13 I MIGHT not have passed as even a 17 yr old - and even less likely to pass as not needing that wired-on L plate!

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