EndeavourOS is on Mastodon

Originally published at: http://endeavouros.com/endeavouros-is-on-mastodon/

Ever since we presented our idea about EndeavourOS to you, we always promised to use open source social media.

Before we had a working website and forum, we opened a telegram account even though we were fully aware that this channel isn’t completely open-source. Since a lot of members were already on Telegram and some of them had trouble with the Antergos forum, we chose to open it. This media was and is very important in this start-up phase.

We’re proud to present that our Mastodon channel is now officially open. For those who are not familiar with Mastodon, it is the open-source answer to Facebook and Twitter. So there’s no big company behind it to collect data and personal information. If you’re interested in how it works, just watch this video over here:

Our Mastodon channel is linked to the website, so every time we post news or important notifications, the channel gets simultaneously updated. We’re also going to use it when the server is down due to technical reasons or bugs.

For our Telegram members, don’t worry, we’re not going to close the Telegram channel this instance, Mastodon is another social media channel for us and this one meets the wishes for our members who don’t like closed source social media. It is our intention, though, to make Mastodon our main social media channel.

As for the question on an open source chat program, we chose for the forum software Discourse, which is open source. The reason we preferred Discourse is that the forum can handle Desktop and Mobile Device formats easily, so this saves us time in maintaining another media platform. I know that there are lot of members who’d like to see us open an IRC channel, but keep in mind that we do this on the side and our main task is to keep the distro up and running as well.

For those who already are on Mastodon and also for those who want to join in, you can visit us on:



this announcement is now more than 3 years old, but perhaps became more important with the recent events.


Which events?

He’s referring to a certain “billionaire” that bought Twitter even though he tried to back out of the deal numerous times in what I’d call a hilariously disastrous fashion. Many suspect he doesn’t have the best intentions, at least in regards to freedom of speech online. Twitter has never been a money maker, so depending how he plans to further monetize the platform, could see the service becoming a shell of it’s former self and (a bit of foreshadowing here) eventually entering into something of the likes of Google Graveyard in the not too far off future.

Edit: obligatory clown



I see, so it’s yet another moral panic of the useful ones. :rofl:
Great for salt production industry though :clown_face: :earth_africa:


I’m actually thinking of creating a Twatter account now. It was an utterly boring place before, but now it seems to be getting a bit spicy. Unfortunately, the main spice is salt. :rofl:

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Quite strange ones…




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I am walking into a very special headquarters. Let that sink in.


I see plumbers are all the rage this days :postal_horn: :clown_face:

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He is planning to kick a whole lot of employees, so time to roll up the sleeves!

i guess

soon. :innocent:


The resemblance is striking :innocent: :blush: :wink: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::rofl:


I still don’t really understand some things about Mastodon. Maybe someone here can explain?

So it’s always said to be a better alternative to Twitter. But what exactly is better?
I just checked their website and it says:

" Stay in control of your own timeline

You know best what you want to see on your home feed. No algorithms or ads to waste your time. Follow anyone across any Mastodon server from a single account and receive their posts in chronological order, and make your corner of the internet a little more like you."

Ok, so pretty much the same as Twitter. I choose who to follow and I see their tweets and retweets in my timeline. Where’s the difference?

It also says:

" Moderating the way it should be

Mastodon puts decision making back in your hands. Each server creates their own rules and regulations, which are enforced locally and not top-down like corporate social media, making it the most flexible in responding to the needs of different groups of people. Join a server with the rules you agree with, or host your own."

Ok, that’s the part I don’t get at all. I can follow ppl across all servers but every server has different rules. So lets say I follow someone who ocassionally posts porn but I’m on a server that doesn’t allow porn. What happens now? Will I not be able to see the posts that contain porn?

edit I also just checked out a few sites that recommend Mastodon instances by criteria and all of them ask for min/max of users on the server. But if I can communicate with all users across all servers anyway, why does the amount of users on a server even matter?

Porn is not good for you :wink: :sweat_smile:

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I think that the rules are set by which server the occasional porn lover/onanist are on.

So when you post, your posts are on whichever server you have joined (and subject to its rules), but you can also view posts by people from other servers by following them.

I’m still working Mastodon/Fediverse out though, so I could be wrong…

Says you, its great for me :upside_down_face:

@NX-01 is obviously well cultured and appreciates the finer things


Well, Twitter might make proposals like follow this chap as well, and this one here, chosen by an algorithm which is designed to keep you on the platform. Not sure about the ads, I never see ads but that might be because of things like Pihole and uBlock Origin, etc.
And then there’s other services on the Fediverse which are closer to Facebook which is full of manipulating algorithms.

Correct, their server their rules.

The theory is that you join a server with people which share your interest, because than the server local timeline will be relevant and you can find lots of new contacts to follow. But you could also pick them one by one from servers across the world.
And the amount of users on a server matters in terms of how busy the local timeline will be / how many people with a shared interest are on the server you have chosen.

In general, you shouldn’t narrow down the Fediverse to just Mastodon, Mastodon is just one platform offering a micro blogging service, but there’s also Fediverse equivalents of Instagram, Facebook, Reddit, etc., and unlike their commercial competitors you can reach them all with one Fediverse account.

However, you could also say I don’t care about any of the above and run your own single user Fediverse server and connect to whatever users on whatever platform you chose. Your server your rules. That’s what I do.

Soycial networks are bad for your sanity and health, flawed by design - don’t use that garbage…

Use :enos: forum instead!