Endeavour on a tablet

Ok. I have an old tablet. Really old Samsung that I rooted and put another version of Android on. I need a new tablet and was wondering if anyone is running Endeavour on a tablet platform… from my having rooted and played with various things on tablets and phones a number of years ago… and wanting a more secure OS for that type of mobile platform, thought I might ask. I have looked at XDA and several other sites…and after having for example, some applications on my rooted devices simply ignoring ip tables firewalls (checked this with Wireshark) among other things… it would be great to secure said platform instead of using the Androol screen door… any suggestions or guidance would be appreciated.
Somewhat of an interesting thread here fwiw.

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Surface Go is a x64 device. Its more of touchscreen laptop.

Your Samsung tablet is an arm device. It would need to run eos arm. We don’t support it. Arch Linux arm doesn’t support it either (as far I know).

You would need a mobile phone linux OS like postmarketOS or Kupfer. Try to see if they support your tablet


hi sradjoker
Agree about the platform differences. I think I may look for one of the Microsoft Surface pros to get away from the ARM problems. I think getting away from ARM would also be easier to get away from Android, something I definitely want. Also the information about non support of ARM in Arch is great information…

Many thanks for the read and reply–

It not that arch arm doesn’t support many devices, … android devices are who another beast. Kupfer is an arch arm based distro, if you want to check them out.

Try asking them in matrix if they support your device


Thanks very much for the link. What I am trying to do is decide which “next” device to buy… Thanks very much for the kupfer link as well…