Endeavour + Arch install

Been loving using Endeavouros and thanks to the community here I have fixed many an issue and improvoed my use of the Terminal among other things.
while Endeavour is my main Os I feel I should see if I am capable of installing basic Arch + KDE getting it as close to what endeavour provides which is clean and bloat free as possible.

Following many guides (many do stuff I don’t want) I managed to complete an install of arch…but it didn’t work :frowning:
I know I am probably missing something but every guide tells me different things to install, so its not helping and the Arch wiki isn’t much help either.

So… does anyone know exactly what Endeavour installs for Arch as well as KDE ? Id really like to compare to see where I am going wrong.

What didn’t work about it?

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:scream: lost for word


Fairly certain there’s a package list somewhere, might need to do a search or two.

Heresy! To the stakes!
Seriously though, it helps if you tell us exactly what you did and if you got any error messages, share those too. Also, logs. Hardware info. That sort of stuff.


is very vague. Be specific.


My Pc uses a I9-7980Xe with a 2080ti and 32GB ram 1TB nvme.

Configuring I know my Nvme is configured correctly along with minor weeks like keyboard layout / time and so on.
for the base system most guides say to do the following:
pacstrap /mnt base linux linux-firmware nano intel-ucode btrfs-progs

created fstab which was correct ^^ also creating user/password localhost and all the other small stuff until It says to install the following :
pacman -S grub grub-btrfs efibootmgr base-devel linux-headers networkmanager network-manager-applet wpa_supplicant dialog os-prober mtools dosfstools reflector git

Then moving onto KDE, installed plasma with its both systems-meta and utilities-meta and finally applications-meta since there are way to many otherwise.
xorg was installed Nvidia drivers installed and I should be good to go…

sadly I am now stuck looking at starting version 249.3-1-arch

I smell a driver problem, like many before you have had. Search the forum for nvidia and you’ll very likely find the solution, as the name keeps popping up in the list.

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How did you partition your drive? Are you using the Arch ISO to do the base install?

Edit: Also what did you install for nvidia?

@ricklinux - I am using the Arch ISO dated 01-08-2021 with my 1tb nvme split into 500M Fat32 efi partition and the rest btrfs.

@ricklinux / @ReemZ Every guide even Arch wiki when it comes to NVIDIA says do the following…
Sudo pacman -S nvidia, now this installs a few things including nvidia-utils and a driver and other stuff…but upon doing it again only the driver shows up which is said it installed but never did…but it didn’t solve the issue.

The solution ? - NVIDIA-dkms…that was it… not one guide says to install this except an endeavour forum post XD

I am now logged into Arch + KDE…but KDE still installed every app which I didn’t want… I wanted to install the same things Endeavour installs when you pick KDE.

Why in the world are you using an 8 month old iso???


First of August, ya bloody yank :joy:


@fbodymechanic That is the only ISO the arch wiki points to.

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Ugh. Arch updates their iso every month on the 1st


You probably installed a bunch of the kde meta packages in the process.


Pardon this American dumbass - seriously. I’m an idiot. Hahaha that makes way more sense.


I’m giggling like a school girl here, cheers mate :rofl:


from eos github


EDit… no bother with dragon ( personal opinion )


@Shjim I keep forgetting github I will never learn lol

Question though … Every guide for btrfs says I should create @ @home @var folders for I guess Timeshift…but with the Endeavour online installer… selecting btrfs there are no @ folders

If you read the wiki on EndeavourOS you will see that we use the nvidia-installer-dkms. You can’t do that on Arch as this is in the EndeavourOS repo. But you can install nvidia-dkms on Arch with pacman.
Normally when i installed nvidia if i wasn’t using the dkms i would install.

sudo pacman -S nvidia nvidia-utils lib32-nvidia-libgl nvidia-settings

As far as the packages go i can tell you which ones for KDE on the current ISO but it will be changing a little coming up.

I see that @Shjim has provided the current list.

Edit: I can personally tell you i use KDE also and i do not like the Meta packages.

You should not create a separate /var subvolume on arch-based distros.

If you use the EOS installer it will create them. You can see them after the install.


sudo btrfs subvolume list /

Probably in the Arch wiki somewhere, but it’s been a million years since I did that one Arch install, so could you refresh my rusty memory: why not?

Because if you have a separate subvolume for /var, when you restore the root subvolume, your actual filesystem will be out of sync with what pacman believes the state of your system to be since it stores that info in /var