Drawing on a X11 window with a depth of 32

For some reason, if I create a X11 window with a color bit depth of 32 and only 32, I am not able to draw anything on it, but I am able to set it’s background color and have that show up.

Any ideas?

What app are you using to create it?

Some drivers will misbehave with 32-bit colour depth:

The question is for the frame windows in my window manager.

I’m using integrated graphics, and other WMs are able to draw titlebars just fine, so it is probably something extra you have to do.

The code I use to create the window is here: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/69608310/drawing-on-windows-with-32-bit-color-depth

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Ah, OK. Which WM?

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Out of my depth here. I can do Fluxbox no probs & I’m just getting to grips with i3wm but another one? Best of luck, creativity should always be encouraged! :grin:

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