Do you use another distro?

Do you have a dual-boot computer, or use another distro? Let me know! :slight_smile:

  • Ubuntu (any flavors)
  • Linux Mint
  • Fedora
  • macOS
  • Windows
  • Arch
  • Manjaro
  • KDE neon
  • Gentoo
  • Debian
  • Deepin
  • Zorin OS
  • MX Linux

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So, which one do use as a secondary OS? If there’s anything missing, comment down. I’ll add it :slight_smile:
If you’re curious, I have Ubuntu MATE as my secondary one.




Garuda Linux.


Yes, I use multiple distro’s. Debian is my primary distro, with Anarch, Endeavour, Fedora, and Q4OS as my secondaries.

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Ok! I’ll add that too!

I have multiple boot EndeavourOS. Different desktops! I run other distros also on V-box


I run multiple distros AND multiple DE’s (separately) Funny how many have gravitated to Ach-based and/or XFCE, though :grin: A mark for EndeavourOS, Arcolinux, and even Anarchy (if it gets installed early enough). Or is that 10 marks for EndeavourOS (different DE’s - see How to install rEFInd wiki and followup!). You decide… :smile:

I had never heard it :slight_smile: it’s also not listed in distrowatch
interesting :slight_smile: how long does it exist?
how did you find it?

Probably because he is one of the people that created it :wink:


EOS (for the fun), Manjaro (for the family), Windows (for the work).

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What is this? :smiley: :wink:

ok, I can mark Arch :slight_smile:

;arked arch … but i dont multiboot :stuck_out_tongue:

I use EOS, Manjaro and Arch on my machines. I still have Windows 10 on a desktop computer in case its needed.

Currently Arch Cinnamon and EOS KDE.

MacOS for the family, Windows (against my will) at work, LinuxMint and LinuxMint Debian Edition as MacOS alternatives for Linux-curious family members, EndeavourOS as my primary daily driver and VoidLinux as an experiment in alternate technology choices (RunIt, Musl-C). Just installed OpenSUSE Tumbleweed as an a showdown with EndeavourOS to see how they comparatively fare as bleeding edge rolling release distros.

Void is really cool, most EndeavourOS folks would probably like it.

Of that giant list, my favorites are EndeavourOS and MacOS. So far, even though the tech behind OpenSUSE seems really cool, I just don’t like it compared to the other Linux distros. Windows brings up the rear, but that’s probably not surprising to anyone here.


Do you have a dual-boot computer? Yes
Do you use another distro? Yes
Let me know! Artix, Void

i am ardent user of Puppy Linux, and other puppy derivative like EasyOS in addition to EOS both in home and office PC. Windows 10 in the office computer for mainly for office works. If proper support for Microsoft Office is available for Linux, I will also use Linux for my office works.

No dual-boot here.
My wife uses Manjaro (cause I told her to…)

And a MX install on my desktop that is only used for printing and music storage.

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We have Windows, but no BSDs? :scream:

And I thought Mint is Ubuntu-based, is it not? :slight_smile:

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Mint has both an Ubuntu-based version and a Debian-based version.

Also, I interpreted “Ubuntu (any flavors)”, not to mean anything based on Ubuntu but to mean all the different versions of Ubuntu. i.e. kubuntu, xubuntu, lubuntu, ubuntu kylin, ubuntu mate, etc, etc


There’s a Debian spin.