Do you use another distro?

I thought it is like the familiy a distro belongs to. All Ubuntu-based distros go under “Ubuntu”, Arch-based under “Arch” and so on… If it is not, the poll needs much more choices, and I have nothing to vote for :confused:

It doesn’t look like it. Mint, Zorin, MX, Deepin, Neon and Manjaro are all based Debian/Ubuntu/Arch. It seems more like a random list of some of the more popular distros. :face_with_monocle:

You are probably right. I just don’t use Ubuntu/Debian based distros (with the rare exception of Tails) and am not familiar with the ones listed here.

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That’s a lot :slight_smile:

Whoops, I forgot…

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I also use a second, third distribution. There are times when you are in a dualboot, such as Windows, but it may be installed on another drive, such as an external drive. I don’t use macOS in dualboot. The goal is to test bug fixes for a particular distribution or to try out the pros and cons of different systems. Mageia and Solus seem to be missing from the list.

Oh dear. Solus and mageia are good distros.

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Nope. Just EndeavourOS.


Just as Mint is based on Ubuntu, so is Ubuntu based on Debian. So Mint is a descendant of Debian, as are many distro. :slight_smile: A little Linux history. Sometime in the early 2000s, there were five major distributions: Slackware, Debian, Red Hat, Suse, Mandrake. Most of today’s distros come from these. Contrary to popular belief, Slackware is the oldest distribution, not Debian.

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EndeavourOS & Arch Linux only now, both my DE are Xfce.

Did you add these two distros to the choices?

openSUSE stable (15.2 atm) and openSUSE Tumbleweed. Both with KDE, Enlightenment and Xfce

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I use endeavour os on my PC. Only in the virtualbox some others like win10 (I only use it for my running watch :wink:), then debian, manjaro, arcolinux, openSUSE and elementary OS

If I remember correctly, Mandrake started out as being “Red Hat done right”. Sound familiar with Mint Linux? " The first release of Mandrake was based on Red Hat Linux Version 5.1 and K Desktop Environment 1 in July 1998." Cite wikipedia



You’re right. Mandrake was started on Red Hat basics, using rpm as a package manager. Regardless, it later became an independent distribution. It was the only one besides Slackware that I never used in a live environment.

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Fisrt LMDE; Mint (Cinnamon) and, now, learning EOS.


I use EOS on the computers that I interact with regularly (laptop, desktop).

On anything that I care about stability and not messing with a whole lot once it’s set up, I’ll use something more stable. On my RPi, I run Debian. On my 2 servers, I run CentOS. :slight_smile:

I use Calculate Linux as my second “serious” distro :slight_smile: It is Gentoo-based and has a similar approach to Endeavour’s in that it provides an easy installer, it’s own wiki and custom utilities helping you to manage the system. It also provides binary packages for popular software compiled in 3 different versions as well as kernel binaries. It is still Gentoo under the hood though, so you are free to compile and customize everything yourself if you wish (I already compiled my own unbootable kernel :sunglasses: :smile:).

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It is never too late to learn. Especially when it comes to Linux.