Do you know distrochooser?

Today I stumbled over distorchooser

It is a questionnaire that will propose the Linux distro for you which best fits your answers. Guess what my result is: Arch Linux … Interesting!


I know what ‘systemd’ is and wish to avoid that.


  1. Scientific Linux
  2. Arch, btw

I often need help by other users troubleshooting problems with my computer.



I like to combine that option with soystemd one :rofl:

Should it give something like LFS then? :rofl:


It should return mint :man_shrugging:


Archlinux for me too…hmm, how did they know… :crazy_face:

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Got these: Gentoo, Slackware, LFS, Qubes OS, Void Linux, and NixOS. No Arch :thinking:


The special features question remains unanswered if nothing is ticked - what if I’m not interested in any of those features though?

And this is ridiculous:

On Linux you can install software on different ways. You can build software from the sourcecode or install them via packages. What do I prefer?

  • I want to install my programs using a kind of “App store”.
  • I want to install software mostly using terminal commands.

Erm…I don’t think the answers here relate to the question…whether I install from source or from the package manager, both can be done from the terminal…

edit: Anyway. Arch (of course!), Qubes OS (never heard of), Void (heard mention of it, no idea if it’s worth looking into), NixOS (another one I’ve never heard of, and wtf is declarative configuration?), Gentoo (god, no!), Slackware (maybe I should give that a try just for the sake of it), Devuan (can’t remember why I never bothered tbh), Bedrock Linux (yabbadabba…what? Never heard of…), LFS (ain’t nobody got time fo’ dat!), Scientific Linux (…but why?), CentOS (yeah, no. not after the C8 debâcle…), RHEL (see CentOS, also did I say I wanted to pay for support? ermmmmmmmmmmm no…)

Long story short: I’m sticking with EOS, zero reason to move!



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Not even sure what they mean by that…a graphical frontend to a package manager, like this pamac I keep hearing people talk about?

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btw, just for future info:

Qubes is some sort of containerized distribution IIRC
Void is great
NixOS is great, declarative configuration is where you configure everything centrally with .nix files in it’s case
Gentoo is great… if you have hours to compile
Slackware is something I have no idea about
Devuan is just Debian without systemd
Bedrock isn’t a distro, it’s something you install on top of another distro which lets you use other package managers
LFS - gentoo without a package manager

EOS is best!



And yeah Gentoo is great, if indeed you don’t mind spending most of your box’ cycles on rebuilding it instead of using it :wink:

Still completely unclear, and I’ve looked it up but found nothing but programming stuff - and I’m not a programmer. Any stupid-level reading you could recommend?


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Arch…btw! :rofl:

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I was hoping i wouldn’t get Ubuntu. I got Arch … BTW. :man_shrugging:


Here’s something super simple, albeit oriented around building a web app:

Basically, you configure everything with one functional programming language called Nix, instead of having a myriad of different formats. NixOS also has an atomic filesystem and doesn’t follow the usual filesystem standard, FHS (eg, /usr is read-only)

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At least Ubuntu’s better than Windows! :wink:

Anythings better than Windows. :laughing:


I think everyone just gets Arch.


Same thing here—Arch first, Qubes OS, Gentoo---- Results:

Pretty sure if you pick “fast updates” you end up with gentoo or arch by default :wink:

Neat little questionnaire though.