Do you guys use EndeavourOS as your main system for work?

Curious if you do so and if it’s critical work(meaning something going wrong it not an option). Don’t need(nor should I) get the details of what you guys do for a living, just curious like I said.

Yes,… in my main laptop, in the second laptop and in the tower desktop. All 3 with KDE


For work: EOS and pure Arch on 3 systems (laptop, 2 desktops). Full disk encryption all the way. I have a proven good backup plan and rely on snapshots (btrfs and lvm) to let me continue critical work if something should break.
Using Arch, I’ve never had a serious problem hindering my work in the last decade. I’ve had more trouble with major Debian based upgrades (Mint, Ubuntu, etc.)

Yes, my work desktop and fun desktop both run EndeavourOS. My laptop is still on Manjaro, I need to get around to installing EndeavourOS on it.

Our 3 laptops and my personal server run Arch. My two production servers (Mattermost, Jitsi, Nextcloud and our own Software Package) are on Ubuntu Server.

My main is still on Manjaro, but not because i don’t want :enos: or anything…

It’s that my main system switch process is always very careful and lengthy for a lot of reasons, i use a lot of custom scripts and customizations, so until i’m 1000% sure everything works as perfect as it can get for work to flow - i don’t switch (too paranoid).

And i take my time to test a lot on VMs and other metal machines with Endeavour. :partying_face: :sunglasses:

Even when it’s nearly identical systems - i still always wear my tin-foil as long as it’s needed :rofl:
Even when just jumping between DEs! :upside_down_face:

TL/DR; No, I am not permitted to use EndeavourOS as my main system for work.

Sadly my employer and my main client both force me to use Windows 10.

Outside of the work restrictions, I have a primary laptop that is solely EndeavourOS and this is where I spend most of my time. Then I have a secondary laptop that is triple booting Windows 10, EndeavourOS and Arch - Win10 is only used to run Quicken, Arch install is where I continue to break and fix things as I mess around learning more, and the EndeavourOS install is a ‘fail-over’ back up should I ever totally munge-up my primary laptop.

I do not. Because the developers use Ubuntu (except 1 who does use true Arch), I am required to use something Ubuntu based, so I use KDE Neon for work.

All servers are now CentOS, because I think it’s the best server OS.

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My work laptop is win10, sadly. It’s a Thinkpad. The company is way too large, with a userbase that is not overly technical, to use anything else.


Yes, I use teams and zoom for work with Active Inspire and MS Office running through Wine to do online teaching and online training / meetings.

I make sure to have a backup VM image ready to go if there’s an emergency ( I’m running it as a VM on top of Unraid ).

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No. I’m forced to use Windows 10. All Servers are Windows also.


No :slight_smile:

Open on own risk



Nope. I use Fedora for my laptop and server. Rhel8, WIndows 10, and MacOS at work. EndeavourOS is going on one of my spare laptops, and one of extra desktops for extended testing.

Nope, my work doesn’t allow anyone to run something else than Windows or MacOS.
But I spend most of my time on the CentOS servers anyway nowadays.

EOS is on my personal desktop and laptop though.

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I work in the Retail IT field, unfortunately 99% of all machines used by our clients are Windows. It’s honestly one of the main reasons I use Linux on my personal systems, I deal with Windows all-day everyday, and it’s very comforting to not have to look at a Windows desktop whenever I can.


As I read the above posts, I keep getting these flashes in my brain that are both familiar and foreign. I guess I just will have to ask.

What is this work thing everyone is talking about?



Must be some new DE or WM which is all the rage for kids right now :rofl:

Have no idea as well :thinking:


My computer at work is Windows as it’s a must have for my irrigation system. Otherwise the computer I do everything else on is Arch. Really everything else is just email/calendar stuff that can all be done in a browser.

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My primary at-work desktop and laptop run EnOS (KDE). My secondary desktop and two back-up laptops run pure arch. I love that my boss is so flexible!

Full disclosure: boss=me (but please don’t let my wife see this post …)