Distros Not Using Systemd

Found this little gem on the web today to see how goes it in the non-systemd realm. Seems like there are some real options if one wishes to play around a bit.

I think i will play with obarun next. It uses JWM only though so that’s a thing to consider… Still a little expirimenting could be interesting if not educational.

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Do you really dislike Soystemd or are you just following the memes?


Memes aside, Artix is pretty good :slight_smile:

P.S. systemd is BLOAT :clown_face: HONK-HONK :upside_down_face:

Will NOT be using artix any longer. That’s all that needs to be said really.

You say bloat I say malware. Potato tomato.


There are memes? We ho knew?!!??

Seriously. Asking that question hides a snub because what you’re really saying to me is: how is it you are smart enough to really understand what’s wrong with systemd? And I take exception to that.

It’s true I am certified nuts by the social security administration of the USA. But nuts is not stupid. Though it often enough interferes with wise decision making…the two are not synonyms.

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I’ve used about 1/2 of them on that list, and the only one I’ve used that I like is Void. I’ll deal with systemd over some of the real potatoes on that list.

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Sweet, a list of distros not to use…thanks!

But seriously, you should check out Void if you want a non-systemd distro.


Glad I could help. :facepunch:

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I thought it was Tomawto! :laughing: I do like the facepunch by the way. :rofl:

Edit: Void is …you know kind of Void! :grin:

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does void have steam?

It did last time a tried it.

There is a package in the non-free repo or you can use the flatpak version.

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glibc looks familiar musl does not…

For your use case I would definitely recommend the glibc version.

The musl version can have compatibility issues with prebuilt binaries.

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from the quick reading i did musl looks like a good option for resource constrained devices

From the list mentioned, I’ve had good success with Slackel, antiX, MXLinux and Slackware running non systemd.

At the time, I was still running older hardware in 32-bit, so they all ran quite well with limited resources, and still offer 32-bit installation options, which are a vanishing breed nowadays.

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Void rocks but is not for beginners. But if you are advanced enough to give a damn about SystemD, and you can figure out Arch, you can figure out Void.

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Yeah, I keep Void on one of my systems most of the time. Right now I have Void on my Chuwi Lapbook Pro 14. Runs quite well. Still wish their repos were larger by far, there’s a LOT of my preferred apps missing from it.

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No need to fear Sithis eh? Well I agree.

Anyone knows. Do I have to use uefi on void?