Distros Not Using Systemd

No, you don’t.

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At first i’ve read it: uefi OR void :sweat_smile:

Definitely VOID then! :rofl:

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First thing I’ll do in the void is see if there is anyone named sithis here. I’m doubting it.

If hes there i’m gonna bonk him on the bean…

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it’s installed, i can log in, i updated the system, installed nonfree and multilib repos and steam. that’s enough for taoday. ill do more tomorrow.


Why not? I once installed it in a vm and did not experience major issues.

bash-5.1$ neofetch
                __.;=====;.__                   lizzias@avoidthenoidusevoid 
            _.=+==++=++=+=+===;.                --------------------------- 
             -=+++=+===+=+=+++++=_              OS: Void Linux x86_64 
        .     -=:``     `--==+=++==.            Host: AB350M-DS3H 
       _vi,    `            --+=++++:           Kernel: 5.9.16_1 
      .uvnvi.       _._       -==+==+.          Uptime: 3 mins 
     .vvnvnI`    .;==|==;.     :|=||=|.         Packages: 562 (xbps-query) 
+QmQQmpvvnv; _yYsyQQWUUQQQm #QmQ#:QQQWUV$QQm.   Shell: bash 5.1.4 
 -QQWQWpvvowZ?.wQQQE==<QWWQ/QWQW.QQWW(: jQWQE   Resolution: 1920x1080 
  -$QQQQmmU'  jQQQ@+=<QWQQ)mQQQ.mQQQC+;jWQQ@'   DE: MATE 1.24.1 
   -$WQ8YnI:   QWQQwgQQWV`mWQQ.jQWQQgyyWW@!     WM: Metacity (Marco) 
     -1vvnvv.     `~+++`        ++|+++          Theme: BlackMATE [GTK2/3] 
      +vnvnnv,                 `-|===           Icons: mate [GTK2/3] 
       +vnvnvns.           .      :=-           Terminal: mate-terminal 
        -Invnvvnsi..___..=sv=.     `            Terminal Font: OpenDyslexicMono 14 
          +Invnvnvnnnnnnnnvvnn;.                CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 2400G (8) @ 3.600GHz 
            ~|Invnvnvvnvvvnnv}+`                GPU: AMD ATI Radeon RX 470/480/570/570X/580/580X/ 
               -~|{*l}*|~                       Memory: 763MiB / 16020MiB 


Nice distro Void I used it for a long time forgot why i stopped using it about the time the project leader went on walk about.

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So you did it! :partying_face:

Happy experiments!
:rabbit2: :hole:

Love the virtual box not working.png though :sweat_smile:


and where is that found?

Desktop icons, 2nd from bottom on screenshot. Why is not answerable from here…


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After you posted that comment I installed the virtual box ose stuffs but your right I can’t find an icon for it or figure out how to start vb on void. DOH! Also eso does not get as far as the character loading before crashing and usually locks up while logging in. Tried all versions of steam play with that result or worse. Def tossing this back to the void. Seems really well done otherwise. But those errors make this distribution a NoGo at this station.

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And I thought minion was going to be the breaking point on this one but I got that running

I was pretty confident with void until I realized I couldn’t figure out what sensor inxi was missing. It was up to that point pulling in all the optional dependencies

For enthusiasts who wish to not use systemd i can now report the Obarun is working for me as required for dkms, virtualbox, and for steam and steam games like Elder Scrolls Online. The usb uses JWM but you can install jwn, openbox, xfce, or plasma from the installer. The installer is a script and you must define mount points according to /mnt. Not to difficult really. preformat your partitions ahead of time and it will be easier still.

as given me a great deal of hand holding support to help me auto login and i have everything working like i wish and mate is installed and auto login works and steam works and amdgpu works and my games run and my virtualbox of windows 10 for tamriel trade center works and everything is as it should be Because of all the help they gave me with my system.


Yes Eric is a great guy lots of patience lots of knowledge of the Arch system and Linux

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I went to calculate linux as it has a gentoo base but for the life of me i cant get anyone to say much of anything. I think i need to rebuil alsa for multilib support but no one is talking.

I swear it’s a conspiracy to keep me using systemd

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