Deepin desktop broken

Hi all, For the last few days my Deepin desktop is broken. No wallpaper, no icons, and when I close an applicatkon the image of the window still remains…

Anyone else having this issue? Any tips on what I need to do to reset my desktop back to default?

A similar thread was opened recently. Apparently this is unfortunately more common with Deepin on rolling release distros than other desktops. Will probably have to roll back some updated packages, or switch to another desktop.


Yep, here’s the latest thread:

Please try search function first :wink:

There are countless reports of Deepin desktop breaking on Arch-based distros, every time there is a bigger update. To be honest, even though I’ve never used Deepin desktop, whenever I see a new thread that says “Deepin desktop broken” or something like that, I think to myself: “in other news, water is wet” :roll_eyes:

It is difficult not the get the impression that Deepin desktop is a total mess and simply not a viable option on an Arch-based system, especially if you’re not willing to deal with constant breakages and some advanced troubleshooting. It may be time to consider hopping to another DE.

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Can’t stress that enough - it’s misconception - any desktop, including their own Debian based Linux Deepin, believe my wide experience.

Arch is just little more often. :sweat_smile:

:bug: :bug: :bug:

It’s nothing wrong to try and use it, but you need to be heavily prepared in resolving issues & live on their bug-tracker, and not update without trying on VM first.

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Probably, but Arch is a rolling distro, so you have to deal with the problems very often. On a fixed release distro, you get it working and you don’t have to worry about it for quite a while. Or at least that’s the theory :smiley:

I’m not saying that the problem is with Arch.

Yeah that’s the theory :laughing:, their update cycles are still pretty often for DE components (like 3-6 months if i remember correctly) - but you’ll surely get all kind of problems and bugs with those updates too, some of which will be persistent until next cycle or even continue, i can assure you :frog:

Anyway, point is - it’s a mess regardless of distro :upside_down_face:

Those problems were not the same as mine… :wink:

Well, everything is now fixed today… including the very long standing issues with duplicate icons in the dock