Todays update broke Deepin (for me)


After today’s updates my Deepin dock has disapeared and the keyboard and mouse are not working.

Is anyone else having issues?

Thanks in advance.

Actually the mouse is working but the keyboard is not.

Haven’t used Deepin in Arch for a while, but general advice for this DE:
Keep an eye on their bug-tracker (with Deepin it’s always very good idea)

If there are no issues related to yours, create one titled: [Arch] Title

And mention @felixonmars if you need help urgent, as he’s maintainer of Deepin’s arch packages and most likely will give you fastest help at hand and push some upstream fixes…

Some people are having issues with the latest kernel and USB3. If you have them try plugging the keyboard and mouse into USB2 ports, if wireless just the receiver. Have you tried rebooting a few times? Deepin has it’s quirks.

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Rebooted several times but it is badly broken … it has been rock solid until i applied today’s updates then bang!

I’ve restored from backup from a couple of days ago to get running again for now.

Oh, and also you can try to update again in some time, on Arch sometimes if Deepin push big update it’s not always comes all together at once, since China not always have strong internet connection to outer world…

Thanks, i’ll try it again tomorrow.

Updated Deepin OS files also today and broke both drives a standard IDE and SSD. The menu bar has completely disappeared. Some desktop icons are still there, the mouse and keyboard work but no menu bar or menu system what-so -ever. . . .great. This will be interesting to see how it is fixed. I can still access the terminal and install updates and I hope this is what will fix this calamity. Good work guys.

Rich :wink:

That’s a different distro. :wink:

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Arch Deepin OS is that better?

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Still confusing… :thinking:

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Not really - Arch is the distro, DeepinDE would be the desktop environment. DeepinOS is the Debian-based distro that Deepin distributes (which also uses DeepinDE, which Deepin develops).

Yes. Noone should use the same name for different things.

Please try deepin-desktop-schemas- and deepin-kwin- They once again released a deepin-control-center with incompatible schemas and didn’t release the schemas. Also the new dde-kwin is more broken than ever so it took me some time to figure out what happened.


Just done another update (08/20) … life is good again :grinning:


Updated my SSD drive this morning with 12 files of which Kwin-deepin and a couple others deepin files fixed the disappearance of the menu bar and system menu. Good to have 1 drive back in working order now I’ve got to fix my standard IDE drive. . . thinking maybe I’ll put Cinnamon back on it which means a re-install of everything once again.

Rich :wink: