December has begun, keep your spirits up

I think I can say out loud that 2020 has been very hard for us all, without being a negative nelly. On the other hand, we can turn this around by saying that we’ve endured everything 2020 has thrown at our feet and for that, I say, give yourself a cheer because it wasn’t a minor bump we had to overtake.

Today, we’ve entered the last month of the year and although usually this month heralds the festive season of love and getting close to your loved ones, like any other occasion this year, things are a bit different, or should I say normal, as in the new normal?!?

This year has proven that we are capable to adapt very quickly to any situation and for the Linux and tech enthusiasts we are, social distancing shouldn’t be a major obstacle in our lives. Of course, I can’t deny the lack of physical contact and physically socializing, but we have the knowledge, and for the most of us over here, the true-life experience to compensate this by using the existing technique and devices. We can show the world how badass we are!

This message may sound odd coming from me, don’t worry I’m not having a nervous breakdown or being in denial, my purpose is to make you aware how strong you are and that you are able to light up your energy like a beacon in these dark times.

So make the most of it this last month of the year and don’t let 2020 get you down in its last gripping hold.


:partying_face: Linux crowd :penguin:


We should never ever accept that dystopian newspeak “new normal” crap, it’s not normal at all - and will never be! Unless we accept it…

I suggest we reject all that bs, protect the truth, always keep our source opened, help each other however we can against all odds, and keep up the good :partying_face: with :penguin::penguin::penguin: !




AMEN to that. The phrase needs to go.


What was “normal” about the “old normal”?



Cheer up Bryan :wink:
Let me just add this “anthem” as a postscriptum to your thoughts. :clap:




Spirits are looking pretty close to full at this moment in time…


Here, to Bryan, my Spirits are up!


And mine are down. . . To the bottom of my glass.

pacman -Syyu wife-install-tequila-git

Here’s to 2021. Thanks for all of you everyday.


Welcome back.


Every time I feel down during these times, I have to remind myself that I’ve survived three suicide attempts; and those suicide attempts were tried because I couldn’t see how valuable I was to my friends and family - even to myself! Goes to show you what an addiction can do to a person. (I’ve got 17 years of recovery from that addiction by the way.)

You’re only defeated when you say you are. Sometimes the best thing to do with the news these days - is to shut it off or hit the ‘mute’ button.


That’s no Ouzo! :open_mouth:

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Ouzo sucks. Try Tsipouro instead.


Oh yeah I know this one :face_with_head_bandage:

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Drink it and you wont remember what you did while drinking it. Or even the next day.
What did I do yesterday? No idea :rofl:

Now THAT’S my idea of a successful day of drinking…

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Sorry, I don’t drink any alcohol at all. Except the mandatory Ouzo after a good hearty meal at the local Greek restaurant.

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Tsipouro is best used to erase memories, including what you ate.
Good to hear you are a non alcohol drinker, it’s rare these days. I once went without alcohol for a while, but I can’t remember for how long, nor why. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I actually don’t drink, but mostly because I can’t STAND the taste of many alcohols (I would drink raw sewage before I’ll drink beer), but also because I usually drive, and with my cars, if there’s even a CHANCE that I’m impaired, no chance of me getting behind the wheel. My cars (well, only 1 really) are simply too dangerous to drive even mildly impaired.