Damn, the new Macbook Pro is a really nice laptop! Just needs a different OS

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3.7x faster CPU and 13x faster graphics, compared to Intel, right?
How about M1 comparisons with M1 Pro and M1 Max?

PR & marketing goes BRRRRRRRRR!!!1111 :chart_with_upwards_trend:


From what I read:

Up-to on the $3700 M1 Max model.

CPU: Compared to a 10th gen i7 with 4C/8T.

GPU: Compared to a 10th generation iGPU measuring the ProRes video codec which they accelerate in hardware on their silicon but has no real value outside professional video editing.


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Uau, that is indeed a huge jump in performance from the first M1 chip…

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Yeah, and even the first one was pretty nice! What Apple does with those chips is really impressive!


100000x Slave labour! :hushed:


Here’s how it looks:

scnr :slightly_smiling_face:

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There are some new security features, secure boot, and fast crypto…
I would say that based on what Microsoft appears to be doing, Apple is probably following the same path…
If I’m correct about this, it will be impossible to install another OS in that Mac…

are they kidding me? they brought the most successful feature of the iPhones to the macbook? the notch? oh man. just this feature alone will make other OS incompatible

You might be able to run Arch on one of these machines in not so a distant future.
Keep an eye on this project:

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Shouldn’t Apple be advertising that Laptop on a XXX site? That is Pr0n! As regards running another OS/Kernel, as long as they shift millions of units I don’t think they care too much. Apple is a hardware company. They’ve never been bothered about that stuff in the past when it comes to Macs.

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Almost perfect, except for the “Notch” …

My old Apple heart is awakened again, but the prices though… I mean even if the above-mentioned project succeeds, would you pay that price for a piece of hardware that is designed for macOS in the first place to run Linux on it?
I guess I’m hoping for an ARM counterpart, well perhaps a tad less fast, for a more reasonable price. If that would happen, I’ll be a happy camper. Perhaps shipped in a ThinkPad or Dell Latitude? :smiley:


Just watch some Louis Rossmann videos, and your lust for Apple products will instantly diminish. :slight_smile:

Tim Cook does not care about the giraffe.


That’s why I’m hoping for a proper ARM competitor, just to run EndeavourOS on it without going through more hoops than necessary. :wink:


It costs as much as my car though. It should be incredible.


Well, we can hope but it’s really amazing how far Apple is ahead of their competitors on ARM. Just look at their mobile chips, they are usually much more powerful than even the next generation from Snapdragon/Exynos/Kirin.

Nice laptop but like…WHY DOES IT HAVE A NOTCH? Why are the removed features actually new? Did anyone forget that the new macbooks are locked tightly in such a way you can’t flash any kind of OS except MacOS? Yeah, the chip is amazing but I still won’t recommend these laptops unless they have Linux and actual great optimizations that won’t kill the SSD in the long run. Also fear the notch, it will become mainstream on laptops (hole punch cameras too)