Cyberpunk 2077 is playable via proton

Reinstalling did the trick, thank you @Krimkerre and @Elloquin for confirming it worked!



This… Is the start of something beautiful.

Make sure to play the side quests. The sude content is where CDPR’s writing is at its best.

It will be a new age Mona Liza of glitch-art for museums of the future, especially v1.0 :rofl:

Or perhaps an album if t posing citizens

Zero Punctuation does a good send up, ahem, review of Cyberpunk 2077.

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Still gives me joy & laughs :rofl:


Proton 5.13-5 Fixes World Sounds in Cyberpunk 2077, Improves Fallout 76 and More

This is Proton’s first release in 2021 and brings quite a bunch of goodies from Proton Experimental, including support for world sounds in Cyberpunk 2077, support for a new OpenXR virtual reality API to use the VR mode of the Microsoft Flight Simulator game on AMD hardware, and online play in Red Dead Online and Read Dead Redemption 2.


Honest Game Trailers | Cyberpunk 2077

:rofl: :joy: :video_game:

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Daikatana 2077 :rofl:


Has anyone tried to get any of the nexus mods working? Curious if it’s possible on Linux.

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If you can wait until the weekend I will try it for you and report back. :wink:

I’ll wait for you big boy :kissing:

:rofl: :rofl:
But now to something completely different. :wink:
Who needs honest trailers, as long as people prefer spending money to promising ideas, which in the end prove to be a whole pile of sh**, to spending money on proper products? It’s not the companies lying to or betraying the costumer. It’s the costumers themselves who allow the game to be played that way and even “force” the companies to play dirty. These customers demand games to become faster, higher detailed, more complex etc. So who is to blame?


Yeah, I’ve been saying it for almost 10 years now: “Stop preordering games.”

People who preorder games deserve rubbish products, but they are ruining it for all of us.


Cyberpunk 2077 blends surprisingly well with that awful 1993 Super Mario Bros. movie :joy:

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How dare you slag off a classic of modern cinema! :wink:

I agree, I think there is enough blame to divvy up on both sides of the coin. The ones I feel sorry for are the creative ‘this is my baby’ people who are under pressure from ‘the man’ to get the product out even if their wire-framed avatar is salsa dancing upside-down in an alligator pit. :rofl: :joy:


I use these 2 mods

from the second mod i have to remove the mainmenu file and had no problems so far. Simple copy paste install :slight_smile:

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It turns out that Cyber Engine Tweaks works without issue! For me, at least.

I just followed their proton install page on their wiki. Had to install protontweaks from the AUR, but the instructions are pretty dummy proof (me being able to install it is proof of that).