Couldnt remember my password for LUKS encrypted USb Stick

What a load of crap. :grimacing:

I had encrypted a USB stick with LUKS and now I can’t remember the password. I remember saying to myself, use a simple password, it’s easy to remember :sweat_smile:. It was only for home use. :clown_face: :earth_africa:
This stick had been in the drawer for ages and now I wanted to see what was on it. It must be something important, otherwise I wouldn’t have encrypted it…shit

Maybe I should meditate for an hour and find access to my mind palace :sweat_smile:

EDIT: Does anyone ever tried bruteforce-luks ?


That sucks

I’ve been trying to remember it for three days with probably a hundred different combinations…as you say…that sucks :sweat_smile:

Sorry to hear that, I hope you can remember it.

This situation reminds of something that happened at my prior workplace. I was at a coworkers desk and he opened his drawer and there was a bunch of usb drives that all has an elastic wrapped around them holding a piece of paper in place. I asked him what they were and he explained that those were the encryption passwords for the drives. :face_with_monocle:

I then asked why he bothered encrypting them and he then told me that it wouldn’t be safe to leave the drives unencrypted because anyone could access the data if it wasn’t encrypted. :melting_face:


The only thing that will help is meditation. The password must be hidden somewhere in my brain. As I said, I told myself to use a simple one, it’s easy to remember…

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No, but generally speaking it depends on:

  • How many characters?
  • Do you have any cliues at all?

I’d just put it too the side, it’ll probably come to you when you least expect it or when your too busy to remember it or note it down


it was an easy one. between 2 and 7 characters. but i don’t know if i had numbers with me. Normally I use my date of birth for a situation like this.

Time to invest :smiley:

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That is one possibility. The human brain is, after all, very inefficient :sweat_smile:

Yea, coffee is always a great Idea :coffee:

You gotta be…can’t it be any easier than freaking date directly associated with yourself? :rofl:

If so that should be bruteforceable, not sure about speed though.


For sure, I have notes on my door, on a noticeboard, in my wallet and on my phone and I’ll still forget what I have to do most days or why I’m doing it

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If only it were that simple :rofl:

Next time i’m gonna :clown_face: hack you i’ll look up your birthdate and dog name or something :rofl:

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I can remember my date of birth but almost always have to work out how old I am. Last time I was in hospital I was 3 years younger than what I was supposed to be.


I only use the simple passwords at home on a USB stick :rofl:

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Well i mean, if it is - then you know for sure many characters already, just put it on front or back of the pattern, i doubt you’ve used it in between…

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I’ll keep my hands off it for now. for today…ok the next half hour. Then I’ll get back to it :sweat_smile:



I wonder if dr. Rockso’s password is: