Clicking on "online" button doesn't start the installer

I have downloaded the EndeavourOS Cassini Nova R2 iso yesterday(8th June 2023). Then I booted into it, and choose the online method for the installation (on the real hardware). But it seems that it does not start the installer and have waited for ~2hrs and clicked on several other options which seems to work fine. But online button is not working in my case.

What is the problem and how to reslove this issue, because I want to use it on the real hardware.

Please help !! :pray:

how you do create the install media?
can you provide any logs?
If this is a BUG report we would need to get a better info.
check if

sudo cat ~/endeavour-install.log | eos-sendlog

does anything.

The above command gives the following output:

cat: /home/liveuser/endeavour-install.log: No such file or directory ==> eos-sendlog: warning: nothing to send.

I used ventoy for this purpose.

version of ventoy on the stick is the latest? and you where using default boot mode or ventoy grub2 mode?

safest way is to use copy as it is withn the iso image… in cases every modifcation on copy or boot can cause issues…

Ventoy was at its latest version and boot mode was default.

I didn’t touch/modify any thing in the iso image.

on the stick it needs also be updated in case new version is there… not the app installed on OS…
and try grub2 mode ?

not you but ventoy uses its own bootloader to start ventoy and run ISO files…

Ok let me try.

and in case you are on the livesession… you can try starting calamares (installer application itself) manually from terminal to see if it shows errors?
pkexec calamares

Yes there is an error:

so issue is with the welcome app of some kind… it should copy the needed config when clicking on online / offline…

try this:
sudo cp /etc/calamares/settings_online.conf /etc/calamares/settings.conf
pkexec calamares

Thanks for helping with getting info here could be there is some BUG around the issue… its the second time someone reporting similar…

Yes this started the online calamares. But when trying with welcome app online button does nothing, so this might the issue

Thanks for the help :pray:

But please fix the live-sessions welcome app, it was frustrating

this is not a general issue we tested the ISO in many different ways but this never happen on testing the ISO … it seems something that only happen in special circumstances, indeed we will investigate.

my guess is that may github or gitlab is blocked in your country?

can you reach this file:

I am from India,

Yes Gitlab is opening. But

Github is not opening for me, it is stuck on loading screen

Well I was facing this github issue for many other repositories and the content like image and pdf was not loading for me. Might be the India case here…

At last the github page did not load and says : Problem lading page

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After i downloaded the system at last it says : Installation Failed
and gives me this link

Now what to do ??

I don’t know what is going on.

This is the terminal screenshot